Yes, Its Uncomfortable and It Temporary Leaves 'Burn' Marks...but I Already See Results

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I've only had one treatment, with 4 more to...

I've only had one treatment, with 4 more to go, and yes it did hurt, and afterward my face was very red and I had to go home after b/c I was not prepared what I would look like. The redness went down after a few hours and it helps to put light ice on your face after as well. The very next day I awoke to what looked like 'burn' spots all over...I did not know this would happen. Apparently its just the pigmentation rising to the surface and sloghing off. After 3-4 days all the 'burn' scabs fell off and I already see some results. I can't wait for the results after the 5 treatment. I definitely recommend trying first treatment on a Friday or when you have a day or two off...just to see how your face will react to the laser. I think its worth it, but just be hurts a bit. Good luck everyone!

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