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I'm 28 years old and a medium skinned hispanic. I...

I'm 28 years old and a medium skinned hispanic. I have undergone a series of 4/5 treatments so far using a broad band light for my photofacial. I used to go tanning a lot in my late teens/early 20's and the sun damage it caused bothered me even though it was minor. My skin glows now without makeup and I have a much better complexion since all of the brown spots came off. I even have two dark moles on my neck that were lightened up a little so that was nice since she told me at first that they could not be removed.

The only spots that are still on my face are the three freckles/moles I was born with. She was very honest with me about what spots the treatment would be able to get rid of and what spots it wouldn't.

You pretty much can't get rid of spots you were born with. Otherwise, everything is gone and it's great. After each treatment the spots that are left get really dark but after about a week they flake off and go away. It was all worth the money for me. I don't feel self conscious without foundation at all now. My complexion is great and I still have one more treatment to go. My skin was a little red after the treatment but she just puts a really cold washcloth on my face after and by the time I get home the redness is gone. I love the results.

Dr. Kedy Jao

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