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I got my first photofacial treatment 8 days ago. ...

I got my first photofacial treatment 8 days ago. I am 40 and have freckly olive skin and wanted a more even skin tone. The treatment took about 30 minutes. Intense light zapped my skin, the slight sting did not bothered me a bit. The intense light bothered me more, eventhough I had goggles and patches on my eyes somehow I could "see" the intense bright white/red light everytime the machine zapped an area. The first day after the treatment my face was blotchier than ever. My brown spots and freckles turned black and I looked terrible, no one had prepared me for this. The second and third days the dark spots turned to tiny scabs that fell off gradually. By the sixth day I looked great with a few little areas of tiny scabs. Today day 8 all the dark scabs are gone and my face looks great! I would say half of my dark spots and freckles are gone...the remaining spots should fade with the next two photofacial treatments I plan to get. I truly do believe it was worth it and did not expect to get the results i have so far.
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