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I had a PDT treatment performed 3 days ago. I have...

I had a PDT treatment performed 3 days ago. I have to say after reading about PDT and especially the reviews, I was very anxious. I have precancerous cells and after much delibertion, determined, I had no other choice but to undergo PDT. I did not find the treatment extremely painful(this is for all those who are considering it). I am in day 3 now and do have redness - I look like I have severe measels. I have followed my MD's orders exactly, have not gone outside nor near any light at all. I have applied cold compresses (especially when my skin feels so itchy and tingly) as well as various kinds of moisturizers. No pain - just odd discomfort. Certainly I can stand this. My purpose in writing this is to let those who are considering it to not be as afraid as I was. So far, so good. I will keep you informed.

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