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My name is trish I am 39 I am a mother of one I...

My name is trish I am 39 I am a mother of one I work for a plastic surgeon she is awesome I have worked with her for over 8 years and I had my boobs done with her 3 years ago and I now have decided to get the tummy tuck!

The benefit from working for a plastic surgeon is you get free procedures! But I have to pay 1000 for anasteshia I get my tummy tuck free but my boobs were not free lol!

The pics I posted are from my first consult with her when she made some light markings on me and I have seen tummy tuck patients come and go from our office so I know the work she does as I help in the OR Also as I am a surgical assistant and rn.

I am going in on auguest 11th! I am excited but anxious and a little scared as it is surgery lol but I know I'm gonna look hot! I can't wait to talk to you ladies before and after my surgery! I will update more!

I am so excited for the 11th! This Saturday my...

I am so excited for the 11th! This Saturday my surgeon\boss and two other of my co workers we are going out to get pedicures and go for lunch that is how close I am with my surgeon she is the best boss to have especially for surgery purposes! But did any of you have your toes painted when you went in for your tummy tuck she hasn't told me yet that I can't have them painted for surgery but were any of you told that you had to take the polish off? I always have the french white tip on my fingers but I mix it up with my toes. I am having a tummy tuck,liposuction of my tummy,thighs inner and outer and my back after 6 months she wants me to go back in if I have the dog ears issue a lot of our patients comeback with that issue, I am usually next to my surgeon during the surgery when I assist I help close insiscions and I suction some extra fluid if needed but I am not nervious at all to have this done even though we do tummy tucks 3 or more times everyweek but I am just nervous about afterwards with the drains and insicions and the scar eventhough I see it a lot I now will be living it but I am so excited and everyone of our patients says it is 110% worth it! The liposuction swelling I'm not too concerend about everyone says the lipo is the least thing they worrie about when having a tummy tuck,I also am having the muscle repair.so I guess I'm completing my MOMMY MAKEOVER new boobies and a new tummy! Lol I will be a hot mama soon! When I had my breast augmentation 3 years ago I never thought about a tummy tuck and it just hit me about a year ago and I have now find enough time to work surgery in my schedule! But ill kepp everyone updated!

Wow what a day! Thinking about just about a week...

Wow what a day! Thinking about just about a week until I'm on the table and under anesteshia! Today we had two cases and both were tummy tucks and I explained to the one patient that I am gpsoon to be in her situation soon and that calmed her down she was upset about going under as it was her first time having a surgery on general anesteshia. It really calmed her down. But today was a long day I was in the OR most of the day and I came home and took a dive in the pool and lol whenever I am on the diving board my 15 year old step son luaghs at my jiggly tummy bouncing around but I told him that its about to change real soon lol! So my surgery is in our office we have a fully equiped certified operating room and my surgery is the first surgery that day only two are booked that day mine and another tummy tuckers! We have been hoppin! On the tummy tucks lately! But my surgery is at 9:00 am sharp! But we never start on time I don't think any surgeon is ever on time but I'm so excited o have to be there at 6:30am before surgery but I'm gonna get there about an hour earlier I am going to have my co worker who is assisting my surgery she will take me in and take me home with her! I am going to stay with her for a week at her house and then come home to my husband an my three kids!(2 came with my husband but I birthed one) lol that is why my tummy is in the shape its in!but has any one been afraid about the drains I always have hated them even putting them in during surgery I can't imagine wearing them.and lol I never have gotten the point of a mini tummy tuck they usually are the same price as a full but a lot of people aren't happy with the results and my office does not offer them!but I just cannot wait for my flat tummy!

So Saturday me and my surgeon and two of my co...

So Saturday me and my surgeon and two of my co workers we went to get our toes done and we went to lunch and all I am thinking is my day is almost here! I still cannot believe its here so soon! But the couple ladies having conversations in my comments lol can you take it elsewere lol but I have some questions to the tummy tuckers! What did you wear to your tummy tuck like what shoes and clothes? I am just a little curious to see what other people do since I see people every week wearing all kinds of pre op clothes but just wondering what you wore? Thanks. For the help!

Surgery is in less than 48 hours and I'm so...

Surgery is in less than 48 hours and I'm so exicted and nervous! I cannot wait I will be on the table for about 3 hours! How long did any of your tummy tucks\lipo take to be done? I'm just so happy to get a flat tummy!I am going to be staying with my coworker\bff for the first week after surgery I'm going to stay at her house than go home. Lol she is assisting in the surgery! All of our office is a female staff so it is great! I'm nervous but ready to get this done. My toes are done so that I won't have to worry for a while! I'm just so happy. Wish me luck ladies!

Ok surgery went very well last Thursday! My tummy...

Ok surgery went very well last Thursday! My tummy is already flat! But very swollen.my drains are still in and going back in on Thursday,I saw my doctor the day after surgery.now I am at my coworkers house she is an awesome enertainer! I'm going back to my house this Saturday and go see the fam. Ill get pics on asap we snapped some pics in the O.R for ya! So stay tuned.....

So its been about 3 weeks since my tuck! And the...

So its been about 3 weeks since my tuck! And the new tummy is awesome,I am going back to work next week and just doing phone calls and seat a few patients. But my new belly button is is just fabulous!the cut looks good. Ill try an get pics on asap just waiting to get the pics of the skin on the table and from directly when she closed me up! But everyone I'm doing great!

Major pain! For the muscle tightening but it does...

Major pain! For the muscle tightening but it does hurt when I sneeze or cough,other than that I am fabo. My inscision is great also.I'm going to post pics hopefully now if the droid is in a good mood!
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The email thing I left blank because we never emailed but she did such a great job.

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