Lovin' my Lift!

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I'm approaching 58 yrs old. My mind and body...

I'm approaching 58 yrs old. My mind and body were still in their 40's, but my face and neck appeared much older. Since I wanted everything to "match" I decided to call Lifestyle lift after seeing an ad on TV. I had my doubts and even canceled my appt. at one point but after giving it some thought, I figured..Gee, they can't make it any worse, can they? I am so pleased with the results. Sure,the first few weeks you're pretty swollen...My son said" Mom, you look freaky!" My head was shaped like a round ball sitting on my shoulders. But after the swelling went down, I was so HAPPY with the results. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made it my appearance AND confidence. If you are having any doubts about having this procedure done....DON'T...its well worth it. You will have no regrets.!!

Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr did an excellent job with minimal scarring. My expectations were fulfilled!

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