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Just a few more days until my surgery! I'm a mix...

Just a few more days until my surgery! I'm a mix of emotions right now. Super excited and super scared! It's hard to comprehend that next week my body will look totally different.
I had a breast augmentation done about 12 years ago. It was a spur of the moment decision, didn't think about it much and just went for it. 12 years later everything is much scarier for me. I'm also having a lot more surgery done but still, I'm soooo nervous! I literally had my consult 2 days before my surgery. Calling to schedule, pay, and surgery was all within 2 weeks. I've researched a lot about the surgery and have spend months on this site. I'm ready!

Surgery Day

Surgery is done. Feels by tight but not to bad! At the recovery hospital. They are taking great care of me. Can't wait to see the results

1 day post op

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

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