Vaser Liposuction, Excited About my Consultation!! YAY! - Phoenix, AZ

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My motivation is what I have overcome in life, and...

My motivation is what I have overcome in life, and being a single mother, raising my children and giving up a lot for my family. My kid's are everything to me and I've set the example that if you keep a goal and work hard you can get there. I have considered this surgery for so long, it was more of a dream that I didn't think would happen. For me I have always put myself last and tried to give my all to other's and my beautiful children. Now that my kids are almost adult's, I figured I could give a little back to myself. I know I'm beautiful inside, and I want to feel that outside as well. My goal is to be able to look in the mirror and say to myself, wow I look great for having two kids lol right now I am excited and nervous about my consultation with Dr. Ward. I haven't met him yet (February 6th is the day!!) but I can tell you so far that his staff are really caring and answered my question's. I spoke with Michelle on the telephone and she was amazing, honestly it was like talking to an old girlfriend. So even before meeting with Dr. Ward I feel comfortable. Some important info I learned, is that with Dr. Ward he doesn't charge by section like most places I've found in A.Z. which show's me that he really want's to help people and isn't out for his wallet, and that is HUGE! if your anything like me, you don't want a doctor that is going to say "hey by the way, it's 2 grand per love handle" lol. And yes I have come across this. Dr. Ward does it all!! if your getting work on your stomach, then your getting it all with this doctor. Being a single mom, I have saved what I can for my stomach area honestly that's what will make or brake the deal for me. I'm praying that my dream will come true... I will keep you updated after my consultation, and if all goes well I will post pix. keeping my finger's crossed!

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I decided to choose this doctor because of his background. He is double board Certified in Phoenix, A.Z. he has the education and has more then 20 years experience. He has great review's on which really helped me in my decision. And an added bonus is, that he is a perfectionist and from what I've seen from his work, in his photo's of the women and men he's helped seem more natural then other photo's I've seen.

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