Retin a (Micro/Atralin) - Phoenix, AZ

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I used to have FLAWLESS skin. Acne was so rare in...

I used to have FLAWLESS skin. Acne was so rare in me that i would go to sleep with make up or not wash my face and i would not break out, at the most i would get 1 little zit per year. I don't know what happened that caused me to start breaking out at age 19. If anything had changed is that i had started to take better care of my skin ( washing my face at night with mild soap, wearing oil free moisturizer w/suncreen, etc) but i don't think this could have affected my skin so negatively to the point of breaking me out. This has been going on for 5 years which have been a complete roller coaster for my skin and I. There have been periods of time where my skin starts to get clear but just as i start to get excited, my skin breaks out again. During the first 2 years i used erythromycin topical solution usp 2% which cleared me up for the most part but then I stopped using it and my acne came back. I went back to using the topical solution, although it helped, it did not work as good as the first time. For the first 3 years i considered my acne mild. However my acne has gotten worse in the last 2 years ( Cystic acne that leaves scars, started breaking out on my chin when before i used to only break out on my cheeks). I finally decided to go to a dermatologist. Since i don't have insurance, the Derm gave me a couple samples of Retina Micro and Atralin (which i believe is basically the same thing just different brand). I have been using the Retin a every night since 8/14/13 and i only use a pea size for my cheeks and chin ( i don't put any on my forehead because i rarely break out there, same reason why i didn't upload pics of my forehead). During the day i tend to use the erythromycin solution. I just finished my second month of using retin-a and will be updating my progress bimonthly or monthly.
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