Marginal Improvement, Very Subtle - Phoenix, AZ

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I found it to be very subtle, I had my "love...

I found it to be very subtle, I had my "love handles" done. I wanted to just try it out there first and then do my abdomen if I thought the results were worthwhile. After several months, I'm undecided

I'm a man near my mid 30's, relatively fit, I work out regularly, and just have the dreaded "spare tire" despite being lean on the rest of my body. I'm around 5'11 at 160 pounds.

If you want to know the difference it makes, look in the mirror straight on and pinch the loose skin on your back at your waist line. That's about it. Also, mine was not "even" after the procedure as one side clearly sticks out further on one side. It has gotten narrower, but again, it's very subtle. Probably about the difference if you dropped 5 lbs of body weight.

My guess is, if you had it done several times, you'd probably be a lot closer to what you were expecting from a single treatment. But that adds up quickly, you're looking at $5k-$6k for multiple treatments on different parts of your body since it's around $1k a pop. If I had the available downtime, I'd get traditional liposuction as the results are not "up in the air" and much more apparent. There's no question they can remove the "spare tire".

The procedure and downtime for the Coolscuplting was relatively easy, there was some real pain for just a few minutes both when they put it on (not too bad) and after they took it off (that actually hurt much worse as it was thawing out) The bruising/redness was significant for several weeks, I feel that part is being undersold. But as far as activity goes, you can do anything without any issues. I didn't really have any lasting pain after about a day, just a little it of a tingling sensation every one in a while for a few weeks afterwards.

I also had major issues with the cost, it truly is VASTLY overpriced for what it is. A treatment like this should be closer to a few hundred dollars. If it were just a few hundred a treatment, I would do several, even if it was just a subtle improvement, but this type of investment is getting close to what actual surgery costs.

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