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When I began my journey towards a goal of lifetime...

When I began my journey towards a goal of lifetime health and fitness, I was a natural 'D cup' and never did I imagine that I would soon gain lean muscle and lose nearly 80% of the volume of my breast tissue. As my cousin explained to me one night "it's against the laws of nature to have amazing abs and amazing natural breasts." It was at that time that I began my search for the perfect plastic surgeon.

As a crossfit athlete it was important to me to find a surgeon who not only would tolerate my need to take minimal time away from the gym, but who would actually support and encourage my fitness goals. I didnt want "decent" breasts, I didnt want "good" breasts. If I was going to get an augmentation I was going to do it right and nobody but the best surgeon would be acceptable. I wanted perfect breasts. Tough expectations right? Some might say unrealistic. I wasn't going to settle and I was going to do it right.

My advice is NEVER compromise. Through my research I found Dr Pablo Prichard. I was instantly impressed by his photos, and his attention to detail and to my individual needs during my consultation. He was one of the few plastic surgeons who consistently created amazing cleavage with his breast augmentations. Looking at his photos that was the very first thing I noticed. No refund gaps here! He also took the time to be honest with me about the implants I needed and the implant placement I needed in order to continue to be successful and competitive at crossfit. You may walk in to a surgeon's office telling him you "know you need 325cc" because thats what your friend got, but the reality is that we are all anatomically unique and you need a plastic surgeon who will be honest about what YOUR body requires for optimal results and to meet your individual needs, and who is talented and creative enough to give you a beautiful result. You don't want a doctor who treats patients like an assembly line. You deserve individualized consideration.

Dr Prichard choose an implant and surgical approach that wouldn't compromise my ability to crossfit. He was not only well versed in the newest, state of the art techniques of implant placement, but he was the only surgeon I found who was comfortable and talented enough to use the new textured form stable silicone memory gel implants that have only recently become available. While I learned that these implants provide superior looking results, they require literally perfect placement and there is little to no room for surgeon error. For this reason, I found that many plastic surgeons shy away from using them.

On my day of surgery I was nervous, I have a history of nausea after surgery. As Dr Prichard marked my breasts in preparation for surgery I nervously confided in him that I was terrified of waking up sick to my stomach. He immediately reassured me that he would not allow the anesthiologist would not use any medication that would make me wake up sick. As promised, several hours later I woke up in the recovery room, pain free and nausea free. I never even needed IV pain medication.

Several weeks post op and my breasts are beyond my highest expectations. The symmetry is perfect, the size is perfect, I have lost zero strength with my weight lifting in the gym because of Dr Prichard's choice of a sub-fascial implant placement, and my self confidence has sky rocketed. Dr Prichard's extensive knowledge of the newest techniques in his field and his artistic talent have given me a beautiful result that was worth every penny.

Had measurements done today at Nordstroms (can't...

Had measurements done today at Nordstroms (can't trust VS anymore.. They'll size up 1-2 cup sizes bigger than any other brand, not legit) currently at a 34DD... I was a deflated 34B pre op, went with form stable, textured, Sientra "gummy bear" silicone implants (brand new, just made available by the FDA recently). Sub-fascial placement as those implants won't show any rippling and I didn't want to mess with my pecs due to being an athlete. 400cc on the L, 450cc on the R due to a slight rib cage defect that my surgeon detected in my pre op appointment. Still thrilled with my results! Wearing underwire bras 3 weeks post op to maintain the shape of my creases as my surgeon had to lower one crease. I sleep in a soft stretchy bra, still sleeping on my back and will continue that way for as long as possible. Back in the gym already and still feeling good. Strength coming back and listening to my body, if it pulls or doesn't feel good I don't do it. I think my recovery has been relatively quick so far because I chose to remain anatomically correct and have my implants placed sub-fascially. Did NOT want my pecs pulled up. Natural breast tissue sits over the muscle, not under. Due to that I had to invest in a more expensive implant to prevent it from rippling and being visible but totally 100% worth it. Posting pics soon!!

Still doing amazing and getting anxious to get...

Still doing amazing and getting anxious to get back to doing full upper body crossfit workouts. I'm being cautious for another three weeks. I keep looking for other women who have my specific type of implant and placement (sub fascial, sientra form stable, textured, cohesive gel) and there just aren't that many out there that have gone this route because so few surgeons are willing and able to use them effectively and skillfully. God bless Dr Prichard, the man truly has done miracles for me.

Feeling amazing, increasing my gym activities too...

Feeling amazing, increasing my gym activities too without ill effect. Wanted to talk a bit about bras, I'm in an underwire anytime I'm not laying in bed at this point and have tried on more brands than I can list trying to find a good brand with deep cups and small rib cage band sizes.. The answer?
Chantelle bras, available at most upper end department stores... I stumbled upon one at Nordstroms and struck gold. A French brand, Chantelle bras come in every size imaginable, and God bless them. The wires actually lay flat against my rib cage and hug my newly lowered crease perfectly. I even had to advise Dr Prichard's office of my find.. Asking that they recommend these to patients. They are amazing.


Back to crossfitting as usual! I love my choice of subfascial placement, I have zero pain in my chest.. Push ups, pull ups etc feel completely normal! So thrilled with the results, going back for final pics this week at Dr Prichard's office!
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