Finally New Breasts!!! - Phoenix, AZ

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Hello ladies I'm doing a ba review for Dr Robles...

Hello ladies I'm doing a ba review for Dr Robles here in Phoenix az... well I've interviewed a few plastic surgeons before choosing him . So last summer I started doing my research after all the consultations I feel confident I chose the best ! So this summer I made my decision and so we decided 650-700 cc gummy bear ultra high profile implants... because of my narrow chest and lose skin I'm able to go that size and it look reasonable so we've set the date as well :D I go back for my pre-op appointment on June 3rd ... I'm so nervous I'm freaking out lol

finally got em!!!

well first off I was so excited this morning and of course nervous but when I got to the surgery center and the nurses were very welcoming very nice it was a nice experience at the surgery center dr. Robles is a man of few words and can sometimes make a situation feel awkward but other than that he is a real artist ,anyways I feel that my breast came out great they're still really high tho and when I woke up from anesthesia I had severe back pain in the upper sides of my ribs and my back and shoulders but my boobs were completely numb I didn't even feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest it was just pure back pain... so I came home took a two-hour nap as directed woke up took my medicine and took a shower. it was kind of strange because I was directed to do some and dr. Robles told my boyfriend for me to hold off on those till tomorrow.. otherwise I feel like everythingI'm just recovering so here's a picture of my breast I will upload them once a week please leave any questions or comments and I will be happy to assist you!

Immediately when I met Dr Robles he made me feel normal lol I have had other surgeons make me feel ugly and embarrassed but not HIM HE HAS SUCH A GREAT PERSONALITY he's not a fake person with a fake attitude.. he definitely wants what's best for you. I can't wait for him to perform my breast augmentation! !!!!!

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