37 Years Old, 5'6" and 128 Lbs., Mother of 5, and Finally Getting my BA! - Phoenix, AZ

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I've wanted to get a BA for almost 12 years! My...

I've wanted to get a BA for almost 12 years! My goal was to finish having my kids before going in for surgery and the day has finally come! I did lots of research and finally met with a PS about 3 weeks ago. I was really happy with him. My hope is that I can end up with implants that are proportional to my size. I got to a D/DD when I was pregnant and breastfeeding and loved that size on me. Right now I'm a 32B (very deflated B!). Thankfully my PS said my breasts don't droop enough to justify a lift, and he thinks because I want to go big enough that the implants will help. I have a wide BWD at 14 cm on one side and 14.5 cm on the other, so in order to get an implant wide enough he suggested I look at the Allergan Style 15 Mod+ at 457cc or 492cc. I've been really nervous about those sizes making me look too top heavy. I want to be a full D, no bigger than a small DD. I tried on rice testers in every size from 421 to 492cc and 421 was my favorite. Everything I've read says they'll look smaller once placed, especially if you're doing unders (which I am), so right now I'm leaning towards 457cc's. My pre-op is on June 1st and I'll make my final decision then! I can't wait! I've been waiting a long time for this!

Can't decide on size!

I keep going back and forth on size and profile. My PS recommended mod+ either 457 or 492, but I'm worried it'll make me more wide and flat with no upper pole fullness. My bwd measured 14cm and HP implants that wide are 600cc! I really don't want to go over 500cc. Has anyone else had a bwd that wide and gotten HP implants around 450 or 475cc?

Had my pre-op and finally picked a size!

Went to my pre op this week. It's finally settling in that I'm getting my boobs done! Yay!!! After talking to the doctor we finally settled on 457 cc mod+ implants. I had all kinds of fears and questions and he was so helpful. I totally trust his opinion. Only 2 weeks left until surgery day. Can't wait!
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