I Was Hesitant, but I Love It! - Phoenix, AZ

My face was not as bad as my back, but my back was...

My face was not as bad as my back, but my back was so bad that I couldn't wear dresses, swimsuits, or anything else that exposed my back without being self conscious of my acne.

I have been on accutane for just over 2 months now. I have no acne. None. Anywhere.

I was hesitant to take accutane because of the depression side effects. My doctor assured me that, in the 25 years that he had been prescribing accutane, only 2 people had ever reported depression as a symptom. I was worried because when I had taken birth control pills, I got severely depressed. Accutane has not caused this symptom for me at all. I actually feel somewhat happier than I used to feel because I am more self confident without my face and back covered in acne.

My advice is to be open and honest with your dermatologist. After about a week and a half I was having several nosebleeds each day. I waited for my next appointment to tell my doctor because I thought there was nothing he could do about it. Immediately, he said I should have told him, told me to take a few days off from the pills, and gave me a gradual schedule to work up to the proper dosage. I'm back to my original dosage and have not had a nose bleed, no dry skin, and barely chapped lips (I live in AZ, so I'm used to dry as a daily thing).

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