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Need a doctor to help explain my results to me..6...

Need a doctor to help explain my results to me..6 mos ago i had open rhinoplasty this ia what the doctor recommended for revision to remove silicon implant in nose and replace w cartilage. It was an L- shaped silastic implant and I wished to have it removed because it can extrude and I play sports. Im so unhappy w the results. He said he did not remove any cartilage and there was no alarplasty. He put ear cartilage grafts on the tip and tip looks bulbous. And nostrils are slanted which makes me look like i have a pig nose. However if i push down on the tip, the original horizontal nostrils return. What happened??? And what procedure/s do I need to correct this and have my original horizontal nostrils?? Please help..

Nose Made Too Small..looking for Revision.

nose was made too small. dr said it was tip suture technique, its just sutures, so im wondering if it can be undone?? no cartilage was removed..

still nose tip is too small
and mid vault changed shape

i used to have a triangular shaped nose..
now nose lost its shape
and its out of proportion
I already liked my nose..didnt need to get ps. argh. my nose was fine and complemented my nicely. just wanted silicon implant removed and replaced w cartilage. thats it. i didnt need tip plasty or any sort of other nose has ended up looking too thin and does not have that same shape as before..which was distinct characteristic of my nose. so frustratingd dsdf

dr made nose small, flat, and upturned. told him not to give me a piggy nose, he said he doesnt do that.
but why does my nose looks so upturned now :((((((((((\
he also said he didnt remove any alarplasty as well
hoping it can all be fixed

why do these surgeons take perfectly ok noses and make them worse?????????????

this aesthetic standard thing is bs

now im looking to revision to bring back fullness of my nose
as well as the balance and harmony of the nose

going to have revision w this surgeon so he can undo what was done....still discussing this with the said surgeon...

although, im keeping my options open because i want this to be the last. still looking for a doctor who is good at revisions. I'll fly anywhere in the world to fix this


Happier times

I believe I was just going through a phase and that I didn't need to get plastic surgery. Just want to look like myself again :((((


just want my face back

Before and after

Ok, posting pics of before and after revision. I've become such a recluse :(

before and after

i dont know, the silicon just blended better with my nose. well, after all, the drs just placed the silicon on top. and didnt really modify it any further.

after revision--silicon was replaced w cartilage. my nose looks so different. what kind of techniques did this dr use? what sutures? my nose is pointed up like a P-I-G. why on earth is my nose looking differnt depending on the lighting? whereas before my nose looked consistent, blended and natural no matter the lighting. maybe it's all the cartilage grafts that was put on the tip of my nose. my nose looks bulky, and wider at the tip. the graft were a columellar strut, a shield tip graft, an additional tip graft?, and 3 a dorsal graft made of 3 layers of cartilage. all taken from 2 ears. jeez.


ok, I think the strut tip graft is whats causing the problem. ive seen some pictures of people given the strut graft and on their before and after. their nostrils looks more prominent, to me when i look at it it looks like they have flaring nostrils.

i already liked my nose, i didnt want surgery to be

I already liked my nose, didnt want surgery to be too drastic

I already liked my nose, didnt want surgery to be too drastic

aside from the placement of grafts like: the shield tip graft, columellar strut graft, and a dorsal graft. I wonder what else was done in my nose..transdomal sutures? interdomal suturing? ughhh the list goes on.. 0_0 im left to my imaginations as to what was done, whilst waiting for a reply from my doctor.

I wish I just stayed a happy, carefree kid and just played video games. instead of thinking about getting PS. how on earth did i become so ambitious and vain????

since you cannot edit realself posts

i meant to say shield tip graft, not strut tip graft--which are two completely diff. things

before and after--nose tip

seems like i have nose tip asymmetry, deviated bridge, hidden columella, upturned nose. see the pics for yourself.

photoshop experiment

here i added a columella...

nose looks like it is collapsed at the sides--another photo edit

another photo edit--added columella, and tried to smooth out the sides. I edited w MS Paint. As I have no photoshop skills. :/ I'm still stuck at MS paint. haha. nose needs to be reconstructed w grafts, i think due to the sides collapse?

some befores

before..i just wanted a bridge :(


Im just super worried that once my tip is lowered, ill end up w slightly flaring nostrils which never was a problem to me before. I had a super petite nose and im worried that the nostrils are longer now when nose was projected. Dr put a columellar strut in the middle of my nose to project it. Nostrils are now longer. I hope its not that hard to reverse. When the strut ia trimmed, i hope that they will fall into place. Im so worried


Some recent pictures

Same nose


SUCH A NICE, NORMAL, BLENDED NOSE. Why would dr even change it?

I had such a nice, normal, blended no matter the lighting. Now it's not the same anymore, some irregularities show up depending on the kind of lighting, there's some odd shadowing at the tip that causes my nose to look different and unnatural when lit at certain angles. now, in regular lighting it looks so odd to me. i hate this so much.

dr. rene valerio,

so what if my alars' shape were parallel, and horizontal? I told you that I already liked my alars then why did you change it into 2 long oblongs? I liked that feature of my nose. I'm a person of mixed race backround. our nostrils don't have to be 'oblique' or whatever. everyone's face is unique. a nose that looks good on one person wouldn't necessarily look good on another. it's like you have no imagination or creativity whatsoever. youre like one of those doctors who knows only just to follow the aesthetic standard bullsh*t. what a total disappointment. how dare you impose your aesthetics on an unsuspecting patient without their full consent.

just so mad

i have been crying so much, for the past 7 mos, i'm not able to leave the house, and most importantly, i dont have that confidence anymore to talk to people face to face as a result of this rhinoplasty. how dare you do this and rob someone of their confidence in themselves. I want to enjoy my life like before, and have that confidence again, but i am too depressed.

bela padilla's nostrils are not oblique and i know you did her nose. then why the hell did you have a problem w my nose if the nostrils weren't oblique? what the hell is your problem?

thankfully though

thankfully tho, I've been reading alot of manga, and playing video games. that helps me feel better and take my mind off my nose.

left alar collapse

i dont know, left alar seems collapsed. like its sagging. ????

side views before and after

after, sideview looks better, but it looks upturned from the front. would like to look more like myself from the front. not a good tradeoff, in my opinion.

nice nose

I just want to go back to normal, that is all.

I just wanted some improvement if it was possible.
If it was possible, i wanted a pixie nose....I mean, if only hey

I wasnt asking for the world
I just wanted a nice nose

Left alar sagging

Left alar is sagging. What should be done abt this? Is a rim graft an option?

Left alar collapse/sagging?

Left alar looks collapsed/sagging. What should be done abt this? Is a rim graft an option?

front view

front view of nose before and front view of nose after (wider at tip) :/

dr doesnt listen to me and understand me

I feel like my dr doesnt listen to me and understand me

dr doesnt listen to me and doesnt understand me

I feel like my dr doesnt listen to me and doesnt understand me.

dr valerio

I dont like that my nostrils are longer. I liked my nostrils. Told valerio that. Why did he make it into two long oblongs? No alarplasty. When I told valerio what I liked about my nose, it's like he didn't even listen. He ignored me. If a patient has a particular concern, he should be able to work with patient. Sick at the thought.

I hate my results. It looks fake and piggish --- the surgeon rene valerio put in a columellar strut graft

I hate my results. It looks fake and piggish. feel that the front view is worse than before - it's wide and short, with unattractive nostrils exposed. The side profile has improved but the trade off is not enough. Way off on what we agreed upon and I payed PHP70K.

I just wanted a proper rhinoplasty

I'm not perfect and I wasn't a model but that doesn't give the surgeon the right to impose what he wanted to an unsuspecting client. I just wanted a proper rhinoplasty.

We were assured, to quote 'I know what she likes'

Then I ended up with a nose w a wide tip, asymmetric bridge, and unattractive nostrils exposed. Way off on what we agreed upon.

I feel misled. This is more than enough reason to be pissed off

I just wanted a proper rhinoplasty

How dare the surgeon impose what he wanted on a unsuspecting client.


Just common sense

Realtalk how dare the surgeon impose what he wants on an unsuspecting patient without their full consent. It's like you have no common sense. ????

Just want to look like myself againnnnn

Just want to look like myself againnnnn

I think I'll be going to a diff. doctor

I think I'll be going to a diff. doctor..

Warning Graphic Image (op picture before)

Just want this back

I feel misled and I am pissed off

I am not going to Valerio. I feel misled and I am pissed off.

This is the work of 'plastic surgeon' RENE VALERIO on one of his nurses

She looks botched to me....and to think that he did the same to THE OTHER nurse just recently. She is approx 3 weeks post op. HE MUST BE STOPPED. ALL HE WANTS IS YOUR MONEY. I RECORDED OUR CONSULT ON VIDEO AND IT WAS VERY OBVIOUS IN HIS DEMEANOR THAT HE IS MISLEADING, AND DECIEVING. VALERIO MUST VE STOPPED.
dr rene valerio

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