27yrs Old,petite and Got 1 Kid...... Feel Like I Really Needed It - Philippines, PH

Hi everyone, so im 27 yrs old,petite, weight 105...

Hi everyone, so im 27 yrs old,petite, weight 105 pounds, got 1 kid and now i been thinking of getting breast augmentation. Im really flat........... been like this. So just thinking maybe u guys can help me give some ideas and advice. And maybe take it from there. Back 3 yrs ago the surgeon said 300cc. Just dont know if moderate plus or high profile? Saline or silicone? I dont have much of muscle tissue.

Tube drain on breast augmentation?

So i just findout my surgeon will be using tube drain after surgery. How did u deal with it? Was it painful? I know it will slow u down :-( how many days b4 u showered? pls share u experience thanks!
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