33 Years Old, One 2-yr Old Son, BA Via Silicon Implant or Fat Transfer - Philippines, PH

Hey ladies. Was just browsing through all the...

Hey ladies. Was just browsing through all the reviews and getting confused at the same time with my decision. Just to give a background, I am already scheduled for a ba via silicon implant on august 16. Since I will travel to do it in the Philippines I have arranged it to be aug 15 asa consultation, lab tests and if everything went right, 16 will be the surgery. However, being close to the "date", i am having doubts and mixed emotions. Ive been flat chested all my life and though i have been insecure with my boobs for the longest time, I only thought ba as a wish and never thought to act on it. But after my husband and I separated (it was me who said we cannot work it out) I was feeling down and needed to reinvent myself. I know I am not doing it for him, i am doing it for myself, to feel good about myself even if my marriage fell apart. But this past week i have been reading here and thinking do i really want the boobs bad enough that i will consider all the risks and maintenance I have to do afterwards? Additionally my son is still young and quite active so I feel guilty of spending time with the surgery and recovery. I was happy reading the results of those who just underwent ba but then I also started browsing thru the other side of the coin which is explantation. Sorry for the long post but needless to say, i still want to do ba but probably will choose fat transfer instead. Though it wont definitely give me the bigger size jump but at least something right? The pic i attached is almost the same as my actual (will update it with mine later on) . Pls let me know ur thoughts on this. Will update with the consultation in a week's time :) thank you all and goodluck to all of us.
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