belly button looks bad after tummy tuck

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Sceduled full tt, woke from surgey to find out...

sceduled full tt, woke from surgey to find out doctor did mini w muscle repair. Board certified doc. Had previuos laparoscopy scar under belly button, flush with skin barely could see it. Now I Have disfigured belly. It look like I have butt checks on my stomach. 3 months out. I weigh 115 5 ft 3. good shape. the lap scar is now stuck buckled in like a slit. it makes my belly button appear like i its a 3 inch slit. lap scar seems almost pulling into muscle in my opinion. he offered to do a full tt skin only free or lipo around bellybutton. Not sure i trust him now. I don't think i have enough skin for tt or fat for lipo? Can't pinch an inch above the belly button but can around the waistside. I had the tt done to tighten the loose skin around my waist, remove lap scar and define the waist. (doc said it would improve all issues)Looks the same to me except I now have a disfigured abdomin/belly button and a big scar. What do you think I could have done to fix the scar slit. I just want it fixed.

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