SmartXide for Adult Acne - Philadelphia, PA

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Why did I do this to myself?!! :) Acne, acne scars...

Why did I do this to myself?!! :) Acne, acne scars and pigmentation problems.

-quick procedure
-fairly cost's a one time procedure after all for most!
-not too painful provided you have the numbing cream on beforehand (45min +) and my derm gave me Novocain shots in my mouth (dental block?)
-does even out skin tone...delivers what it says it will
-downtime (7-10 days)...compared to other procedures
-even 7 days out i can see a marked improvement in my acne scars and even chicken pox scars from when i was a kid!!
-you get to see improvement for the next 6 months! kind of neat to look back at pictures and see a big difference (at least this is what i've seen from others)

-you look like hell and think you'll never look normal again (you will).
-having aquaphor smeared all over your face for a few days. yuck...
-i broke out...if i do this a second time, i'll make sure to take an antibiotic beforehand. blemishes are healing quickly though
-there are still "track marks" 7 days out...but fading fast

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