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I am going for my first consultation soon. I am...

I am going for my first consultation soon. I am excited and looking forward to it. I have been looking into cosmetic surgery since 2010 and haven't had the funds to do it. Thanks to this site I have found an affordable way. Residents clinic!! I have 3 children ages 6,4, and 2. I gained more weight with each pregnancy and didnt lose it before having the next one. Last pregnancy I gained 73 lbs. My highest weight was 220. I am 5'1" and weigh 194 currently. This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. My belly is just...well...yucky. I hate looking down and seeing a big roll in the middle. I can actually feel the roll on my back when I sit down and it's very uncomfortable. I know I will be ecstatic after surgery. I haven't wanted anything as badly for a long time (since counting down the due date days of meeting my babies lol) I am hoping they don't tell me I am too heavy for this surgery!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! And fighting this dreadful feeling that my husband will change his mind at the last minute and say I cannot get this done.

I finally summoned the courage to call to make an...

I finally summoned the courage to call to make an appointment. The answering center patched me through twice and I got an answering machine. I left a message the first time saying that I wanted to make an appointment for a consultation. I called back to ask the answering center woman if it was unusual not to get an answer (I'm thinking about after surgery if I would have an urgent need and not be able to get hold of someone) She assured me that usually someone answers and kept me on the line while trying to patch me through again. Still no answer. Her explanation was their hours are probably different due to the holidays. I can live with that. I will call again tomorrow. I can't wait for them to call me back. I'm so ready to do this!!!!!! :)

I called yesterday and received the resident...

I called yesterday and received the resident clinic supervisor/directors (not sure of her title) direct number. I called a total of three times and left a message once. No callback yet. The waiting is awful. I want to get my consultation in so I can start this process to a better me!!!

Ok here I am checking into possibly going to the...

Ok here I am checking into possibly going to the dominican republic to see Dr.Roble. Her reviews are great and thelane ticket is only $540!!! So affordable and great results? I. Have sent an email request. I expect her to get back to me faster than the residents clinic has (they still haven't returned my call) I will be posting prices I have found by shopping around (after a LOT of research lol)

NOTE-- Prices may not be correct or the same for everyone or may have changed

Jinemed Istanbul Turkey $3,200
Includes clinic stay, all meals, transportation from and to airport, and Internet access. Airfare from Harrisburg Airport to Istanbul International Airport is $619 per person

$4438 everything covered


My Doctor: Walkiris Robles, MD
My rating:
This surgeon really takes the time to care for her patients during surgery and after I don't have any regrets. For the price I paid the results are wonderful an well worth the trip. This surgeon is at the top of her game when it comes to estetics she understands the concept of shaping the women's body. Thank you Dr.Robles for all thant you do. V/r Your San Antonio Texas Patient.
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MOMMY MAKEOVER -----Breast implants AND tummy tuck Dominican Republic $6,000 everything included except airfare

Dr. Hedden md $8,000 tt and ba
$6,500 tt alone $4,000 ba alone
20% cash discount ($5,200)

Dr johnathon Saunders $4,550 Delaware Christiana care

Global surgery center-$5,495 Dominican Republic

New Orleans - West Jefferson-LSU Health New Orleans Surgery Center $4,287

Makeover travel.com
Tummy Tuck
Abdomen Liposuction
Price: 3650 US$ / 3050 €
IndiaPlacidway.com $2,900
Included in the Package:$
- The Surgical Procedure
- Stay in Clinic / Hospital
- 10 days in a 4**** or
5***** hotel
- Pre and Post-Operative
- Transportation
- Bilingual Assistant
PLANE AIRFARE to India $407.82
Tickets Priceline.com
TOTAL $3714

***********Walkiros Robles Md Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Tummy tuck lipo Brazilian butt lift $3,800
Plane ticket $586.49 orbitz.com
Separate prices $2,200 breast implants only

Peru Doctor: Dr. Fernando Dejo Prado
full body lipo, tummy tuck,my thighs
Plane ticket $1,047
Time 3 weeks
Total $5,700
Take $2,000 off for taking off butt lift

Orbicare $5,300 inc travel n account,orations

Global medical service Dominican Republic Dr. Catherine Feliz Camillo $3,500

********UCLA plastic surgery California
consult $100 separate fee
tummy tuck surgeon fee $500
Facility's fee $2,080
Anesthesia 3hr est. $900
Overnight fee $500
TOTAL $3,980
Appointments Friday afternoons
Surgery scheduled on Wednesdays *********
$518 to fly

New York eye n ear center $4,500tuck 212-979-4493 3hrs 59 minutes
Once a week for a month George Xipoleas Stay overnight bmi must be 30!!!

Tummy tuck $8,300 Lipo Dr.Douglas Vander Plastic surgery associates Michigan

Johns Hopkins Plastic surgery clinic Maryland $ WON'T give info over phone

Penn Plastic Surgery left message

Tulane Surgery New Orleans La - Resident clinic Tuesday afternoon- left message

LSU School of Medicine New Orleans 504-412-1240 Ashley Will NOT give info over phone

Penn State Hershey Plastic Surgery Clinic - Hershey Pa- Consultation fee $120
$6,500 avg.

Cleveland Clinic- 866-320-4573 4hrs 44 min I-80. Kelly Roman $financial counselor $

Lenox Hill Hospital New York NY 212-434-2000 Left message

Georgetown University Hospital Will NOT tell me over the phone

Mountain Brooke Plastic surgery Alabama Will NOT give info over phone

NYU Institute of reconstructive plastic surgery 212-263-3991 Rebecca
Consultation$100 will be credited for procedure + pictures $110
Tummy tuck overnight stay $7,000-$10,000 :(

Tell me bout Latvia lol?  $72  US dollars for...

Tell me bout Latvia lol?
 $72  US dollars for a tummy tuck OMG! (and I rarely use omg)
Breast implants $94.  
Labiaplasty $21
 Liposuction $20 
Thigh and arm reduction together $47. 
Is this for real lol. 

Sounds too scary to me.
Dr. Andrey Kremnev estheticon.com

After very very much research, reading countless...

After very very much research, reading countless reviews, looking at tons of before after pictures, I have decided my top choice to be Dr. Walkiris Roble in Dominican Republic. Besides her excellent work and glowing reviews it will be $5,900 for a tummy tuck, lipo of the abdomen, breast implants and $586 for a round trip plane ticket. I am not rushing the surgery date, I am going to figure out the best time to have this done as well as when the funds will available and when I will be able to recruit help for me and my three kids (my hubby works out of town) I am so very thankful for the people of Realself who shared their stories and made this journey just a bit less daunting :)

So we are saving the money up and I have been in...

So we are saving the money up and I have been in contact with Laura Castro from Dr. Robles office. She is very prompt at responding to my questions and even included a number I can text. I am very comfortable and very confident that I have made the right decision to go to the Dominican. I may even have a friend go along if my husband doesn't. Time can't go by fast enough. I wish I had the money right away lol. But saving it up could be a good thing and could let me get everything in order and supplies purchased for recovery. This is becoming more real with each day! My husband and I are browsing pictures trying to decide what size implants to go with. ( I love that he is becoming more involved in this!) I have always heard go bigger. Originally I was thinking of DD but after holding a bra at a store up to my chest that said DD I'm thinking maybe an even D. I am currently a saggy C cup. Any advice on implants will be appreciated! I have spent so long focusing and learning about tummy tucks I need to catch up on my knowledge of implants. Helps pass the time too lol.

Staying in the U.S.

I finally have received word back from Upenn!Mymfirst contact was November but I have been calling and my guess is I was being a pain in the butt lol.....anyway I am FINALLY scheduled for a consultation and very optimistic. I am also scheduled to see Dr. Louton in State College as well because I am interested in their layaway plan (as well as the amazing work I have seen so far of other patients) So since I am staying in the United States due to funding I may have to wait a couple extra years for the breast augmentation as well but I know that the tummy tuck alone will do wonders for my self esteem. I HATE my gut! Also, once hubby sees how good Imlook and how much more um....adventurous I can be due to my improved self esteem maybe he will want me to get the BA with implants for his amusement ;) That being said this has been a very long journey for me and I cannot wait to get this extra skin removed and feel like ME again! This actually may finally be happening! Positive vibes! Positive vibes!

Heading to my 2nd consultation tomorrow! (And the one that I'm most excited about)

Tomorrow I head to my 2nd consultation! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. ..it's quite a drive but will be worth it! This IS happening!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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