9months post TT and loving the results

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I am scheduled for my tummy tuck in 15 days (Feb...

I am scheduled for my tummy tuck in 15 days (Feb 16th) I will be 32 in 5days. I have 5kids (4boys, 1girl). my first son was born when i was 16 by emergency c-section, my second son was born when i was 18, that was a v-bac (vaginal birth after c-section). Because my second labor was so bad, when given the option while pregnant with my third child my daughter, i chose another c-section at 21. when i was 28 i had my third son, also by c-section because after 2 sections i was told that was the only way i could go. with my first three c-sections i had bikini cuts. my last and fourth son was also born by c-section but this time, because of too much scar tissue they gave me a vertical cut that went from above my belly button all the way down to bikini cut. leaving me with a ugly scar, a deformed belly button and a stomach that looks like a second butt.

I am 5"2 and currently weigh 134, i'm happy with my weight but can't stand this awful stomach. i been looking into having a tummy tuck since 2005 when i only had three kids, and i'm so glad i didn't get it because i ended up having 2 more beautiful kids. now that i'm all done having kids, i decided it was time for me to have my tummy tuck.

Although i am extremely nervous, this is so necessary. after reading about so many tummy tuck stories on this website i'm not as nervous, but i know that will change as i get closer to the date. i will be uploading some pictures of my stomach before tt.

My husband is very supportive of my decision and...

my husband is very supportive of my decision and is taking some time off from work to take care of me and the kids. It shouldn't be too much of a challenge...since that's the norm for him.

My surgery is 9 hours away. I'm excited but...

My surgery is 9 hours away. I'm excited but nervous, i can't believe how fast these days went past. it seems like i just joined realself last week. I'll try to post pictures as soon as possible.

I finally did it!! My surgery started at...

I finally did it!!

My surgery started at 10:36am and ended at 12:47pm. I had spinal with local anesthesia. I had a pain pump filled with a local anesthetic. Coming out of surgery, i really didn't feel much pain...just soreness. Although during surgery i felt the liposuction, just a little at the very top of my stomach. I was extremely numb from above the middle of my stomach, down to my feet. I stayed in recovery from 1:15p to 8:15p, because the doctors and nurses said i need to urinate before i leave, which was difficult considering i was very numb. My nurse gave me more iv fluids, to help me go. After the fluids didn't work my nurse told me she wanted to try mint oil. She said it's supposed to help you go. She poured the oil in the toilet and just like that i was able to go. I left the hospital at 8:15pm.

My husband booked a suite for the first 4 days, so i wouldn't have to go up and down the steps. That made things a lot easier for me. We had all of our kids there, which was my idea. but i was able to relax the whole time. My husband and my older kids took good care of me.

The day after surgery i felt pain, it was bearable but i was really sore. Because of the soreness and occasional burning sensations, i decided to take a pain pill 13hrs after my surgery. The pain pills i had prescribed for me was toradol, which is a stronger form of motrin. Toradol took the edge off and that's all i needed. Friday, 1 day after tt i took my binder off for the first time so i can change my dressing. Even though i was very swollen....i could see a huge difference, and i have to say i am very satisfied with my results. After my last c-section in April 2010, i was left with a distorted belly button, a horrible
vertical scar and hanging skin on my stomach. My new belly button looks great, my liposuction areas look great also...even with the bruises. I still have a nice amount of stretch marks but they will improve with time.

Saturday 2days after surgery, my pain was still to a minimum, i've been up and walking around since the first night trying to lower my chance of blood clots. I have also been taking pictures since the first day.

Three days after surgery, i pulled my pain pump...

Three days after surgery, i pulled my pain pump tubes out as instructed by Dr. Lo. It didn't hurt at all. Pain was still minimum, although i had started having a major headache on saturday( 2days after tt). I ended up taking something for my headache only, my stomach wasn't even bothering me.

By the time monday came(4days post tt) , and my headache wasn't better i called the doctor's office. I was told to go to the E.R. because i might have a spinal headache from the spinal anesthesia. I went to the E.R. but after a careful examination it was determined that my headache wasn't as severe as most people's usually is when they have a spinal headache. Later on monday Dr. Lo's office called me to see how my appointment went. I told them about the visit and said i will let them know how i was feeling the next day.

Before i could even call the office, my phone was already ringing. Dr. Lo's office was calling to check on me, which felt good to see them keep checking on. After talking to Dr.Lo's office, it was determined that my pain medication was most likely causing my headache. i stopped the medication.

Wednesday 6days post tt, i had a follow up appointment and to have my drains removed. Dr. Lo came in, took my dressing off and told me to take a deep breath....my husband said oh wow that was quick. I didn't even realized my drains were out. It didn't hurt at all, i was surprised. I have a follow up in 1 week.

I forgot to mention, that i had muscle plication...

I forgot to mention, that i had muscle plication with the tt and liposuction. I have been standing about 80% upright since the first day. That is improving everyday. The first few nights after surgery my back was sore also so i used a heating pad, and that worked.

Ok so i'm 9days post tt and i think it's safe to...

Ok so i'm 9days post tt and i think it's safe to say i feel really good. I never had bad pain from my tt, which i'm not surprised. when i would read about other people's experience and which was worst between a c-section and tummy tuck....some would say the tummy tuck is worst and some would say the c-section was worst. I didn't want to speak to soon but i had a feeling i would handle it well because i handled all 4 of my c-sections well, and my last 2 were very painful after wards. Any time i did compare the 2... i always herd you can't compare the 2, and to an extent i know what people mean. but i was just referring strictly to the recovery. I can honestly say my recovery from my tt is a little better than it was with my last c-section. the only thing is the swelling, and soreness on my sides and in my back, but is improving everyday. I went to the store a few days ago and yesterday.

Saturday Feb 25th was the first day i drove my...

Saturday Feb 25th was the first day i drove my truck,which was 9days post tt. I was out the next day to at 10days post tt, and i can honestly say i noticed a little more swelling. I think i was doing a little too much, because of the swelling so i decided to just relax for the next 2days. I have my second follow up appointment on Wednesday. I have of from work for the next 2weeks, hopefully i'll be ready to go back. Two nights ago was the first time i slept in my bed, and last night i slept in my bed also. Other than that i have been sleeping in my recliner with lots of pillows. My stretch marks are still very swollen, but i brought some maderma for stretch marks, palmers scar/stretch mark/massage oil, and some scar treatment that you brush on your stomach with silicone in it. I haven't used the silicone scar treatment yet because i want the ok from my Dr., but i have been using the other 2 things i brought for stretch marks and scars, being extra careful not to get it in my new belly button or over my incision. I'll post pictures in a few.

Today March 8th, i'm 21 days post tt and i feel...

Today March 8th, i'm 21 days post tt and i feel pretty good! I am still a little swollen, i have soreness in the areas where i had the liposuction, and i have some firm areas on my sides where i had the liposuction but it's not bad at all. I still love my results, and i'm posting my updated pictures. Oh and my stretch marks are still a little swollen but not bad.

Monday March 12th was my first day back at work. I...

Monday March 12th was my first day back at work. I felt ok, but i was a little tired and just wanted to sleep. I definitely don't think i would have been ready to go back to work 2 weeks after my tt like i thought. I still feel pretty good about my tt, but i still have two firm areas where i had the liposuction, and my belly button got a little smaller but not to dramatic. I have been trying to keep something in there ever since i had the tt because i know with the scar tissue it can shrink. Still loving my results and can't wait for the summer time. My cut looks so good, i'm extremely happy with it.

March 28th was my first time at the gym. I spent 1...

March 28th was my first time at the gym. I spent 1 hour and 3mins on the treadmill and burned 225 calories. It felt really good. I went back 2days later on March 30th and worked out again for 1 hour, but split the my time up between the treadmill, the stair master and the bicycle. I went to the gym maybe 1 or 2 times after that, and then there was about a 4 week gap. After about a 4 week gap, I started back at the gym on May 3rd. That was my first time doing ab work, I took it easy though becuase i don't want to overdue it. May 3rd made 13weeks and 3 days post tt and I still feel good. I'm still a little sore on my sides but not nearly as sore as I was before.

I have a small dog ear on my right side from the...

I have a small dog ear on my right side from the tt but my ps said he will remove it when I hit the 6month mark.

I am actually 13 weeks post tt today, in the last...

I am actually 13 weeks post tt today, in the last post I said I was 13weeks, but I was actually 12weeks

I'm 9months post tt. I had my dog ears removed in...

I'm 9months post tt. I had my dog ears removed in September, which was 7months post tt. The procedure took about an hour with local anesthetic. Dr. Lo also cut the scar tissue out of the 2 areas where I had the drains placed because it left a little indentation in both spots. It burned a little when he was numbing the areas, but after that I didn't feel anything. I still love my results, but I still get very swollen at times. I haven't been to the gym in a while, but I'm going to start going again this week...I'm hoping to slim my waist a little more.

It was October 3rd when I had the dog ears removed...

It was October 3rd when I had the dog ears removed not September, but it was still 7 months post tt
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I had a good experience with Dr.Lo. I came with 32 questions and he patiently answered every one of them. Each appointment i went to... i never waited long to see him. I am extremely happy with my results, even with all the swelling. And his office staff were really caring and easy to talk to.

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