In Search of a Good Surgeon for Vaginoplasty Near PA - Philadelphia, PA

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So I didnt get to go to DR for my BBL due to tons...

So I didnt get to go to DR for my BBL due to tons of positive life changes that I could not bypass-- However, I do want to get myself all together down there too since I don't plan on having children again. A little history, I'm a young mother with 2 children that I had vaginally and now I have a vagina that is not as tight as it once was, at all!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT find a doctor for the LIFE of me in my area with reviews on here or without having to pay a $150 consultation fee that you don't get back unless you pick that surgeon!! That can add up pretty quickly and I dont intend on finding out---

What I will DO is post my journey for this procedure all the way to completion so that the next woman looking for detailed information will at least find my story!!!! There!! As of today I've called three clinics close to the Philadelphia area and I am waiting for a call back to set something up. I hate my vajayjay now!
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