university of penn hospital - Philadelphia, PA

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Ok I don't have enough money to get a mommy make...

Ok i don't have enough money to get a mommy make over done at some upscale fancy high priced dr's office where everyone there are already out of medical school anesthesiologist as well so i've chosen to go to university of penn teaching hospital for a mommy makeover i'm scared as ball to have some students put me deep asleep general anesthesia all of these thoughts are running through my mind like what if i have a bad reaction too the general anesthesia or what if my breast come out looking far worse then they do now but some body needed too know just in case i don't make it back from surgery(never wake up) all my life i tried to make the right decisions without thought now this time i'm making a stupid yes i said it a stupid decision by letting fellows/students work on my body i'm going to try to do the best i can in terms of doing my home work on university of penn the very hospital i was born in i am still frightent but i must see this through i can't fail if i don't try mom love you rick love you quiana love you christine love you ericka love you eron love you tyrone love you aunt jermain grammom nicholas abigail nathan jacob my whole family just in case i never see anyone again

feeling confused and scared.

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Philadelphia University Of Pennsylvania (TEACHING HOSPITAL)

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