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Hey Ladies, I am getting very nervous about my...

Hey Ladies, I am getting very nervous about my upcoming surgery, ( anesthesia, infection, etc) I have actually considered canceling!! I've been considering this surgery for about a year and 1/2...when I realized I had actual muscle damage from havinga 23 inch long, 10 1/2 lb. "little" angel..I had actually went for a consult for a regular hernia repair, but the Dr. recommended I get the muscle repaired along with it because, he explained, I would never be able to go back to doing my beloved sit ups, push-ups etc. with separated muscles without further damaging them or re-injurying my hernia. thing led to the next and I figured hhmmmm..the boobs could use a little work too! I may also get a little lipo but not sure about that yet..

I actually feel guilty about having this done, considering I have a 21 month old. I know I need the hernia and muscle repair, but the other stuff is obviously vanity/self esteem related..the amount I expect to spend does not include lipo if I have it..I

If anyone has advice or has utilized this Dr. for a similar surgery please share your knowledge..

Exactly one week OMG I'm really scared!! I will...

Exactly one week OMG I'm really scared!! I will upload some before pics a little later today.
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

This Dr. is close to me location-wise, he operated on me and several family members before. ( for non-cosmetic surgeries) He is triple board certified, and seems to know his stuff.

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