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I have tried everything under the sun, you name it...

I have tried everything under the sun, you name it I've tried it and probably more than once on my bikini area. I've bought men's razors, women's intuition razors, venus etc. and they ALL manage to give me ugly/uncomfortable bumps. I've purchased wax strips and two different types of waxes, one you heat in the microwave and the other you heat on the wax pot, I found them both to be an absolute mess and not to mention a pain in the butt to do on myself. Then I've had brazillian waxes done professionally dozens of times which wasn't uncomfortable for be considering I knew the women doing the service on me and the fact that I am not shy about that kind of stuff, but it ran me $50 each time + a $10 tip and grew it almost just as fast as shaving. It also hurt like hell and this is coming from someone who tolerates pain VERY well. I literally would take a shot or 2 of vodka before my appointment.

FINALLY I found a laser deal that didn't burn a hole in my pocket. I have always wanted to get it done but being a full-time college student it was never in my budget until I called to find out it was $300 for a groupon deal. I asked the women all types of questions about their laser machines and did my homework on them by research and calling around to other skin places in my area and almost every placed used the same machine! The problem with most places is that they fail to tell you a HUGE and VERY important thing; not to tan while getting it done. In other words to NOT expose the area you are having done to sunlight. It is key! That is why many people have skin discoloration! The skin needs to be it's original pigment!! I've completed my 6 full sessions and I could not be happier! My boyfriend is actually getting his neck area done next I warned him about sun exposure though, he promises to keep it away!

Bare Skin Laser

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