Bleph+ Laser+Fat Injections: Much Tougher Recovery Than Expected Age 50

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I have very mixed feelings. The first three days...

I have very mixed feelings. The first three days were awful. I couldn't do anything but lie on the couch, doze and try to follow the recommendations. It's day 14 and I couldn't go to work today. Had to work from home. I am still bruised and puffy (don't care about that). The bruises are uneven. Much worse on the right. The entire recovery was very exhausting. I really don't know how people are up and about. I really couldn't cook. Naturally, I am worried about scarring from the small incisions. I also spent a week and half with horrible gritty eyes, worried the doctor had changed the way my lids close. I think these issues are resolving, but it was scary.I would not recommend this surgery (in addition to the fat transfer and laser) unless you have a full two weeks. I will have to tell my coworkers about the operation, and i really hoped to avoid that.

Photos and Progress

It's day 17. Still bruised and tender. My doctor says I look great. They have used lasers twice to help with the bruising.

Day 1 Photo

Still Very Tired and Nervous Day 21

I would advise anyone who is contemplating this surgery to plan on a month of recovery time. It's certainly my fault for inadequate research, but I did not realize how tough this would be. My eyes gets so tired that I need to close them by 9 pm. I can tell I need another week of limited activity. I have to go to Miami on a business trip on Thursday and I'm concerned about my energy level and wearing makeup.

Less Eye Strain Today

Still worried about scarring, but feel better today.

One Month Review

Well, I did not expect to be healing still. There are faint bruises under my eyes. Not so easily concealed by makeup since there are two red patches (from the laser) next to the bruises. The corners of the eyes are red (although I will have lasers in a week or so to reduce the redness). I don't like massaging the corners! I easily go to work with foundation and the special concealer they gave me. I'm not ready to use mascara. I don't feel like pulling in that area. I can tell that in a month I will look much better and that's really the time to weigh in on whether the procedure is worth it or not. My doctor has covered all the laser treatments as part of the surgery cost. A friend of mine had this surgery done over ten years ago (in her thirties) with the same doctor and she still looks great.
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