Veneers Vs. Crowns on Front Two Teeth - Philadelphia, PA

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Based upon reviews and consultation with local...

Based upon reviews and consultation with local dentist, I would not put a two crowns on two front where one tooth is dead, rather than one crown covering both teeth. Separate crowns for each tooth would be necessary with wide larger posts put into dead tooth. Better to do separate crown for each tooth and and only then bridge if needed. May not even be necessary. If I had to do it again, I would NOT have put veneers on my front teeth so I recommend that everyone think this through carefully. Rather, I would have had a crown put on only the dead tooth. Dentist talked me into veneers on two front teeth. Please think through before having done.

I just completed having two crowns put on my front...

I just completed having two crowns put on my front teeth instead of veneers. The crowns match much better. Actually, I was able to go the lab where the crowns are made and the match was made at the lab with careful painting/matching of color so it matched the other teeth. My teeth are brown at the gum line and then become translucent. They matched these perfectly and they look better than the veneers. I have one dead tooth in front and had the two crowns joined in order to give more stability. I think the joining of them will give them more stability. Anyhow, bottom line, the crowns looked better than veneers.

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Since I didn't name the doctor, I didn't answer the specific questions, however, my overall comment is that just because a dentist adds the work "cosmetic" to their name (or did some work in their residency) does not necessarily make them a cosmetic dentist. Be forewarned. There is actually an Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry which has pretty strict exams written and clinical)

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