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I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was a...

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was a teenager and never really developed breasts. I am a small A cup and my goals are you have a natural looking C. I don't want to be too large since I am only 5'3" and petite. During my consultation I was able to try on sizers and few what my results are expected to look like with 3D imaging. Visual of what different size implants on my body will look like really helped me decide what CC implant would look best on me, to reach my goals. I did not feel any pressure to go larger then what I envisioned from staff at all. My procedure date is not for a few months but I cannot wait!!

4 weeks

Only 4 weeks until my surgery!! I'm a little nervous I did not take enough time off work. Im a ICU nurse and do a lot of pulling/pushing, and potentially compressions. I have wonderful coworkers who are always willing to help but i dont want to take advantage. I have 16 days off which I hope is enough. Anyone else with active jobs have any issues?

Preop appt

I had my preop appt today. I was able to try on sizers again, and decided on 350cc. Only 2 weeks left!!!

Post op day 3

I'm feeling pretty good today. Just using valium at night, and Tylenol during the day as needed now. Feeling a bit dizzy/light headed/nauseous today which i took Zofran for but didn't really help I think it's just a side effect of the anesthesia. My sternum is very bruised and sore. Hopefully icing will help bring the swelling down. I've noticed some crepitis at the top of my sternum and above my implants which I think is normal? Anyone else experience that?
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I went for a consultation with Dr. Lo and could not be happier with my experience. The staff was phenomenal, very educated, sincere and made me feel very at ease. Every question I had was answered in full. They made sure that my goals for my BA were priority. I cannot wait to have my procedure.

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