Day 1 - Consultation - Philadelphia, PA

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So today I went for the consultation with Dr.Gabay...

So today I went for the consultation with Dr.Gabay (Philadelphia) I was very nervous and very excited at the same time, even right now while writing this I am nervous! Ive had a few glasses of wine to calm my anticipation down - its only step one of many more! I talked to Dr Gabay and he was very friendly and informative. I am not a big girl I weigh about 130lbs with extra fat in my stomach area, love handles, and back..not much though! I know my hopes for a a very big Jlo booty are a bit unrealistic , unless I go the butt implant route which I have done alot of research on and I dont think its what I want to do. The liposuction and butt lift will not give a a Jlo booty but it will reshape my flat backside give me a more curvier backside and flatten my problem areas such as stomach and love handles, I really think its worth it. Im so self conscience about the way I look now, Im built like a little boy, the only blessing I was born with is big perky breasts. I guess you always want what you dont have! I see girls with B size breast dying to get breast implants, and Im just like why!!! Id do anything to have a bigger but, even sacrafice my big boobs! lol I will keep you updated right now I have to figure out the financing and how I will go about payment I have alot on my plate as it is but this is something I have been dreaming about for a long time!

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