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My body have been the victim of three pregnancies...

My body have been the victim of three pregnancies and never bounced back.although I have lost 30lbs within the first 6 months after my last daughter( dues to breast feeding and exercise), I still dream of that pre pregnancy body.So decided to get an extended tummy tuck to correct the area that I can't deal with most. 

I found Dr. Emily Pollard through the real self site as I wanted a plastic surgeon.I wanted to get a lower body lift and a thigh lift but I only had fu ds for one.I am scheduled for June and I am soo excited.i can't wait to have this apron removed soo I can see the results of all my hard work on my abs.The cost is $13,800 this includes the procedure,facility fee and anesthesia .

before pic

circumferential tummy tuck 3 days post op

Day 3 post-op.After spending a night in the hospital,I am very uncomfortable with the drain tubs.but it help it put ice packs on my back and stomach.The scars dont look thay bad.they just need time to heal.Due to the swelling i cant really say if im satified with the results.but my surgery went as planne no complications.its kinda hard to stay in the 45 degree angle and walking isnt soo bad.but i am sooooo looking forward to a shower

compression garment phase

Ohhhh it hurts soo bad!This thing is so tight that its impossible to move at times.I went to my firsy post-op appointment where the drain tubes were removed.Im kinda nervous of the shape of my stomach it looks weird.With alot of swelling im hoping it turns out how I invisioned, a flat belly !! fingers crossed.

10 days post op

I'm starting to struggle with the tenderness where lipo was done. My scar is hideous. The garment it soooo tight it's soo uncomfortable.
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