38 Year Old, 2 Kids, very active/runner, TT (with muscle and hernia repair)/BA - scheduled for October

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I am a small framed 38 year old mom to 2 wild boys...

I am a small framed 38 year old mom to 2 wild boys. I am 5'5'' and 115-120lbs and I run/workout 4-6 days a week. I have been looking into getting my diastasis rectus fixed for about a year now. I met with doctors, physical therapists, general surgeons and most recently plastic surgeons. I initially thought I'd get the DR fixed via robotic arm surgery but after meeting with PS I decided I'd really prefer to do a mini TT...and then if I'm already under perhaps fix my deflated boobs at the same time! I have booked my surgery with what I believe to be a very qualified and well known surgeon in my area. I'm very excited to get my tummy fixed but worried that with the boobs it will make working out/running difficult. My surgeon has suggested 339cc moderate profile implants and insists this is the only ones he would put in me. I explained that I wanted to increase fullness and look natural but didn't want to go too large because it would look funny on my smaller frame. I'm about a 32B right now, looking to be a full C or small D I think? I met with PS a couple times and used the Vectra to see what it would look like but I'm still having a hard time. I want to go smaller but PS says it will leave a large space between my boobs if I do (I believe I am a 12 between boobs). I want to have faith in his knowledge and expertise but having a hard time...

Day 4 post op

So what a whirlwind this has been! I checked into my op appointment bring and early on Oct 5 with all kinds of nerves and anxiety but the nurses were great and having my husband there helped too. Before long I was walked down to the OR and sat on the little OR bed, given my IV and then the mask...that's he last thing I remember! My surgery was about 2 hours (umbilical hernia repair, muscle repair which they call a modified TT and BA. After waking up in recovery I felt fine, just totally out of it (similar to end I had my 3 csections). They gave me hot tea, water and crackers and waited for me to pee before I could be discharged to go home. After about an hour and a half we were on our way home. The drive home was no problem and I went strait up to my room to sleep which I pretty much did for 2 strait days! My husband was on top of my meds while my mom took care of my kinda did (5yo and 2yo). I will say that the first night was really rough, very painful and hard to sleep but once I finally got to sleep the next day (day 2) was so much better! Today was day 3 and I was able to come downstairs to see the kids and eat meals with them. I'm also weaning off the pain meds and Valium which is really helping g me to feel more like myself. I also took a shower tonight!!!! That felt great! Not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be! I used an old should string to make a necklace to hold my one drain , and my husband washed my hair for me. Awww, to feel nice and clean. OH, and so fun To see what was underneath the garments! My tummy looks pretty lady but kids funny I'm sure to all the binding but my breasts looks awesome! I went with the 338cc unders, I'll post pics tomorrow. If you have just gone through the surgery or it's coming up, try not to worry too much!! My doc told me to take Valium the night before so I could get s good nights rest which I highly recommend! Looking forward to sharing recovery stories with you guys!!
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