Rhinoplasty and Orbital Decompression at the Same Time - Philadelphia, PA

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Hello Community, I've been reading because I...

Hello Community,
I've been reading because I appreciate all of the comments and support the community gives to one another. I am 4 weeks out from having an African-American rhinoplasty and one-sided orbital decompression. I admit it was a big decision to have both at the same time but I wanted one recovery. I also had two surgeons work on me at the same time. I had an oculoplastics doctor and an ENT/facial plastics doc. Has anyone out there had both procedures at the same time? I'm totally pleased with my eye. So far I'm somewhat pleased with my nose depending on the day and the mirror I look in but I think it's the swelling that need to subside before I can make a final judgment. Overall my nose looks much smaller which I was going after and my surgeons were absolutely fabulous!!!!! I'm not ready to post any pics but I would be more than happy to answer any questions. I would also love to hear from anyone who has had both or either one of the surgeries. I'm experiencing a little numbness in my top lip and the side of my face that I had to the decompression on which makes my face feel very tight/plastic. I'm sure this will get better I'm thinking positive.
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