Good Experience with LASIK in Peru - Peru, PE

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I was in Peru on vacation and before I went, I did...

I was in Peru on vacation and before I went, I did research on doing LASIK there. As a caveat, I do speak proficient Spanish so I cannot describe what this would be like for a non-speaker.

I understand that there are some clinics in Peru that specifically have services for Americans and people from other countries, but I wouldn't have gone here if I didn't speak Spanish as they didn't specialize in serving foreign patients.

I was able to get an appointment the same day that I called for a consult. We did some tests and then he said we could do the procedure the next day.

I took a cab to a separate laser facility the following evening (this is common in the US, too, for providers to share laser facilities). No pain at all except for the eyedrops they put on to numb your eyes--they sting for a little bit. After just a few minutes on the table, I was done--they used wavefront LASIK but without flying dot technology.

Now my eyesight is almost perfect from -4.75 contacts and I don't wear corrective lenses any more.

Dr. Mario Miranda (Peru)

Good experience although this clinic is suited towards those who speak Spanish.

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