Very Happy 59 Year Old Labiaplasty Patient - Perth, Western Australia

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Two children of 10lbs and one who became stuck. ...

Two children of 10lbs and one who became stuck. So the stretching of my vagina was enormous. I became over weight then lost the weight so the skin became looser. I had regular problems with thrush, variable flow of urine and a slapping noise when I opened my legs or sat down from the loose skin. I googled plastic surgeons, visited a few males who really had no empathy for how I was suffering. It was embarrassing trying to explain how I felt! The surgeon I decided was good enough to do my surgery was Dr Anh of Perth Western Australia. Her compassion, empathy and can do attitude gave me the confidence to proceed with the surgery. I am so happy I made the decision to use Dr Anh as my vagina no longer has flow problems, slapping sound or thrust. As I head into my senior years it is so comforting not to have to worry about these problems. Dr Anh and her staff were very professional, caring and friendly. You can ask Dr Anh anything, she takes the time to explain everything to you and will clarify any questions you are not sure about. I had the best anaesthetist I have ever had and woke up bright and well. The only irritating part of the surgery was the itching from the stitches, but that happens anytime you have stitches. The surgery was very painless and I was up walking normally the next day. I am so thankful I found Dr Anh because she has changed my life. I am so much happier and content having this issue resolved. I highly recommend anyone thinking of surgery contact Dr Anh you will not regret it!!

The best decision I made!

I forgot to mention the fact that my vagina looks years younger as well as feeling that way. So so happy with my decision to chose Dr Anh and have this surgery.

Anh is a very personable, patient and compassionate person. She understands why women want surgery and that it is not all for vanity. Anh is extremely easy to talk to and enjoys helping you attain your goals. Anh is very happy if you are satisfied with your surgery. I have rarely come across a doctor or specialist of Anh's high calibre and work ethic.

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