Good Results but Would Do It Differently in Retrospect

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I was 43 last April 2007 when I had upper and...

I was 43 last April 2007 when I had upper and lower blepharoplasty. I felt my eyes were more aged compared with the rest of my face. Specifically, I had pouching bags of fat under my eyebrows that were most unattractive. I had developed an auto-immune illness in my late 30's and both my PS and opthalmologist attributed this advanced aging to my illness. Anyway, I went full steam ahead with the first surgeon I visited. That was my first error. I was so impressed by his age, manner, experience and credentials that I felt I didn't need to consult another surgeon. He advised me to have a lower blepharoplasty that I didn't really need and his nurse only had two before and after pictures to show me. If a surgeon has been practicing a long time and says he has a wealth of experience then he should have the photos to show for it. The surgery is more invasive and difficult to recover from than they would have you believe. I was extremely uncomfortable for a good week and was not ready to return to work until week three (and then could have done with more time off). Bruising did not subside completely for about 4 weeks. Bumps and puckers from scar tissue forming appeared around the 4 - 6 week mark but have fortunately all dissappeared. I've only just noticed that the nerve twitching and tightness have gone 11 months on. The surgery removed the pouching bags of fat and my eyes look much more youthful. The downside however is that there is asymmetry that was not apparent before and the scars are visible and poorly placed in my opinion. In summary, although I achieved my objective, I believe the PS could have finessed this surgery better and ultimately that's my fault for not being circumspect enough in my choice of doctor. I hope my experience helps anyone looking to pursue this type of surgery make a more informed decision. Good luck!
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