41 Years Old, 12E, 5'8, Breast Reduction, FINALLY!! :) Perth, Australia

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Hi All, I had my first consult with the PS earlier...

Hi All, I had my first consult with the PS earlier this month and was advised I was a perfect candidate for breast reduction surgery - let me say, this was magic to my ears indeed! I am currently a 12E and the PS suggested about a C cup which was exactly what I was hoping to hear.

I had initially investigated getting a breast reduction when I was about 23, but as I was a student, I had no money and I also wanted to be able to breastfeed any future children. Well, many years later, I still don't have any children, but I do have the $$ to now pay for this procedure. If I do happen to have a kid in the future, well let's just say there's baby formula right? But I'm not waiting any longer for something which may never actually happen.

So far, I've completed all my patient information and dropped them off at the Day Surgery where the operation will take place. The receptionist seemed a little surprised I had dropped these off 6 weeks prior to my op - hey, I like to be very organised! ha ha Tomorrow I have an appointment with BreastWA here in Perth to have a fitting for a couple of post op compression bras. Should be interesting indeed!

Thanks for reading and I'll keep this updated. :o)

Bring on 16 March!! :)

OMG, 13 days to go! :o)

Hi All! Just a brief update on what's been happening:

1. I went to pay my surgeon's bill yesterday of AUD $8,500 - I should get back around $1,350 from Medicare.
2. Paid the anesthetists bill of AUD $2300 - I've been told I'll get some $ from Medicare, but unsure how much at this stage.
3. I've purchased 2 x post surgery bras - see photo as practically spilling out of it. It's a C cup.
4. Brought some pre-packaged meals, vitamin E cream, decent Tri-pillow (I'm dreading having to sleep on my back!), a long and baggy shirt to wear at home.

I was also curious to see the bra size conversion of a 12E to other countries sizing and it seems a 12E is comparable to a US 34DDD/E, UK 34F, and EU 75G which I found quite interesting.

I'm also having, not doubts as such, but more wondering whether I should be cutting up a perfectly healthy body, is this a waste of money and so on. But after reading many stories and seeing the results, I know it will be worth it. My mum is a nurse and her colleagues know my PS, and have confirmed he does wonderful work and has an excellent reputation, so I'm feeling better about hearing this.

Okay, I think that's about it for now. :o)

Unwanted Bras

My sister suggested I give my unwanted bras to this great cause http://www.upliftbras.org/
So I'll need to organise this once the surgery is over and I'm feeling better.

Big Day Tomorrow!!

Nervous - yes. Anxious - yes. Excited to get this done - yes!!! Admission is 8.00am tomorrow and the nurse has advised I'm scheduled in as the second op for the morning but unsure of op time at this stage.

When i met with the anethesist last week, he mentioned I have been prescribed some medication to calm my nerves - bring it on I say! I will be a nervous wreck!!

Okay will update when I'm back home.

Woohoo it’s done!

Hi all, well I’ve been back home now for a couple of days and have been meaning to post an update here but mental capacity has been low! Ha ha Everything went well and I can’t stop looking at my small boobs!!

After being marked up by my PS, I walked into the operating room, lay down on the table and was put to sleep immediately. I have to say the staff were so friendly and calmed my nerves a lot! Next thing I know, I’m in recovery and still totally spaced out!! I think I remember asking the nurses “where am I” a number of times. A wee while later I was wheeled back into my room and slept for a while. My mouth was extremely dry even though I had two litres of fluids through the IV drip and I was also drinking a lot of water; my mouth was so dry that I couldn’t even eat a small biscuit. I was given tramadol through the IV line which I think made me nauseous and I vomited a number of times. I couldn’t face eating dinner, so when my mum came to visit me in the evening, she gladly finished off my meal! :) While my mum was visiting me, the nurse came in to change the dressings so it was first opportunity for me and mum to see my new boobs and she cried. Mum said she didn’t know what to expect and couldn’t believe how small and great they looked. When I looked down there was nothing there and they were no longer sitting on my waist when lying in bed. It’s totally amazing. I had one drain in my right boob for the first night only as I had more removed on this one (it was considerably larger).

As was staying overnight in the hospital, I didn’t really sleep that evening so I asked for a sleeping tablet where I managed to grab a couple of hours. The pain was okay, not too excruciating. The next morning I felt a little better and actually ate some toast with a cuppa tea. I hadn’t felt sick in a while which was a nice feeling! :) I was able to leave the hospital around 10 am and headed home. Firstly, the most important stop of the morning was to visit the chemist and buy all my drugs! Prescription drugs of course!! Got home and just relaxed on the couch for most of the day – I was worried I wouldn’t have a good night’s sleep, but I was out like a light and slept for a good 10 hours.

For the past few days I have relaxed and watched Season 6 of The Walking Dead as I’ve been saving it especially for this purpose. I did go out to the shops for a couple of hours yesterday but I definitely noticed it today as I feel absolutely knackered. The boobs are still very swollen, but with little oozing. The nurses advised I am able to have a shower, but I prefer not to get the wound area wet so I’m washing with a flannel, soap and water.

I have my first post op appointment this Thursday so that will be interesting indeed! :)

Overall I have absolutely no regrets at all!! Yes there is pain, but that’s what the prescription drugs are for and you must keep on top of the pain by taking the medication at the correct time and yes I feel a bit tired, but it is only for the short term.

3 month post op update

Hi All,

I'm now at three months post op and everything has been going great! The scars are healing extremely well and haven't experienced any problems. At present, the right breast is still a little larger than the left, but the right side in general is still a little swollen - there was more work done on the right as this breast was larger than my left. My PS mentioned that I may need additional lipo on the right breast, but will make that decision when I see him again in November.

I have to say, it is great looking downwards and not seeing cleavage!!! Also, I was able to fit into a standard sports bra from Target for AUD$30 as opposed the the AUD$110 sports bra I would have normally worn. Woohoo!!

Overall, I have not regretted one second and it really has been one of the best things I've done for myself EVER!!! :)

I have attached some new photos.

Thanks for reading!! :)
Dr Tony Connell

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