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Please take note of how carefully your doctor...

Please take note of how carefully your doctor examines all aspects of your face before injecting you. Mine didn't look at my smile, didn't look at my profile and didn't take into account the rest of my features. Rather, he just started injecting me willy nilly. The results are bad. My story: I went to a well-respected dermatologist. By choosing him, I assumed meant I was getting a good injector. I made it clear I did NOT want big lips but just a little more pout in my lower lip. He insisted that I should have some restylane put in the top lip because my lower lip is naturally bigger than the bottom. He first gave me several numbing injections. Once that took hold he proceeded to inject most of the restylane syringe in my upper lip, which is not at all what I requested. In fact, I had to tell him he needed to inject my lower lip as well. I actually like the fact that my lower lip is bigger, as I feel it is a very feminine look. I remained very swollen and duck-faced for the first 48 hours. After the swelling went down, my upper lip was bigger than my lower and my mouth now turns down at the edges, giving me a permanent frown. When I do smile, I still can't get the edges of my lip to turn up because there are lumps of restylane at the corners. Instead when I smile, my mouth just spreads across my face in more of a rectangle shape. Not attractive. In short, make sure your doctor exmines the dimensions of your face carefully before sticking you. I really think my doctor had an idea of what pretty lips look like and proceeded to try to make mine fit that mold (kinda like a plastic surgeon who gives everyone the same nose). Unfortunately, these lips don't look good on me, and I can only hope to be one of the ones for whom restylane wears off in a month or two. I'm trying to laugh about this but it is hard. I feel like a freak.
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