What a Bunch of Crap

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Cost 640. I actually had the perlane first, which...

cost 640. I actually had the perlane first, which ws gone right quick. came back and complained, and they did it one more time, this time with restylane. again. gone so quick. what a waste of money. and they wont redo, or refund any money, even tho they said it would last about 12 to 18months! the perlane. in the 'consultation' which is actually the 'dr' talking to you beforehand, he mentioned casually some 'older women' cant hold on to it.. "who" is he referring to.??? what does 'older' mean?? above 30? who knows. all i know, is it looks rediculous when you first do it, i thought 'oh my god, what have i done!!!" for just the first hour, but you quickly get used to it.. especially as its gone down so far in a few days!!! it probably stayed in some small form for about 2 months, but not that anyone else could see. i had a tiny tiny little line on my upper lip, that was filled in by it when it was done, which you can only see if you look at yourself in the mirror, with strong light only on ONE side. after 2 months, that line was back, with even a little pucker on the side. but definitely after 2 weeks, you could see NOTHING, of my bigger lips. good for some people maybe, not for me.
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