Perfect Timing for a Juvederm Trial

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I hadn’t thought much about cosmetic surgery...

I hadn’t thought much about cosmetic surgery or procedures until a year ago. I turned 50, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked old. I guess it’s no surprise I didn’t get the same, “You don’t look 50!” comments that some of my older friends did at their big birthday bashes.

I decided to call around and see what could be done. I really wanted something pain-free; I’m not one of those people who wants to suffer for a plastic face but I’d like to look a few years younger and not so baggy and tired. Botox was the only name I knew at the time, but one of the first doctors I called was just starting to do trials for Juvederm, and they were able to see me almost immediately.
The procedure took about 15 minutes and didn’t hurt at all. I’ve been more worried about flu shots than I was during my Juvederm injections. I was a little plumper than I wanted at first, but that soon faded and my wrinkles were noticeably diminished.

They said it’d last for nine months and my experience is that it didn’t last quite that long. Maybe six months is a better estimate. They didn’t give us full vials during the trial so I’m curious to go back when Juvederm is available in the US and try for a little more. It’s a bit out of my price range to do all the time but maybe I’ll consider it for my next class reunion… or my 60th birthday party.
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