27 Mom of 2 Boys (Flat Chested) - Peoria, IL

I had my consultation on July 1, 2016. I'm 115 lbs...

I had my consultation on July 1, 2016. I'm 115 lbs and my current bra size is a 32A. I have been wanting my breasts done since I was younger. However, I was told that after I had children they would come. Funny thing is they did and once I stopped producing milk they left lol. My doctor recommended with my body frame and size that I should stay between 250cc-375cc. I decided that I'd go to 350cc-375cc because it looked great and would give me the look I'm wanting. My doctor said I wouldn't be able to lift anything over 10lbs for 4 weeks and I have a 8 month old 30lb baby that isn't walking yet. I'm hoping he will be walking soon hopefully before his birthday in October. I already scheduled my surgery and decided on saline implants of 375cc.


So I decided to go with another doctor in Chicago, IL (Dr. Weinzweig at JW Plastic Surgery). After having a consultation and speaking with him I felt like he was a better fit for me. I have my surgery scheduled now scheduled for November 21, 2016. I'm so excited it's just a few days away from my 28th birthday. I'll post before and after pictures when it gets closer.
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