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Went in for consultation with Dr. Jack Kotlarz a...

Went in for consultation with Dr. Jack Kotlarz a few days ago. Like other reviewers have noticed, he is direct and does not sugarcoat what is needed. I told him about my issues with sinus blockage, congestion and also my unhappiness with my large nose and projection and he cut right to the chase. He told me it was going to be all about the balance between aesthetic and functionality. He said he will be conservative about tip refinement but I will be very pleased with the reduction in projection. My husband (who is not in total agreement that I need any nose work) was quickly laughing after the doctor said "Yes, your nose is too big and projects way too much." I knew this ALL along, but after my doctor confirmed my observations, my husband was more understanding that it wasn't just in my head or being overly conscientious about it.
Having a surgeon that taught in a university and who is also board certified on top of being an ENT who understands the structure and functioning necessary is very soothing. I may have visited Miami for my breasts, but I am sticking to an ENT to do my nose and LOCAL. I love Miami, but I am ready to be home! I will document the journey and add pictures as we go along!
For us ladies with large noses, it is plain as the nose on our face. Surgery is scheduled for Dec. 2nd. I am very excited for less headaches and congestion in sinus season and to have a prettier nose!

Before pics

Full face with nose

Just wanted to give a good before shot showing my full face and the nose in proportion to it along with the close-ups.

The night before Christmas and lost medication!

The night before Christmas and lost medication! So it is the night before my rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I am very excited and nervous. To top it off, we just returned from Illinois and all of the haste of packing and cleaning out things somehow my bag messing up thrown away. I left it in the Walmart bag and in the pharmacy bag inside that and I threw it away like an idiot. I called the doctors office and told them but I blamed it on my husband so I feel bad! Anyway I don't know if they will refill my pain medicine so I guess I'm going to be in a lot of pain. How bad is it? Anybody recess please let me know. I'm pretty much a wuss when it comes to pain. The worst part is I pay for them and then just threw them away. maybe it is for the best because I get really sick on those things anyway. There isn't any that I can really take without wanting to throw up even if I take Phengran. just wait all of you ladies who are under 40. When you start to lose those hormones you get brain-dead! Anyway, wish me luck!

Excuse the above. Don't use voice text when you're doing an update!

Excuse the above. Don't use voice text when you're doing an update!

Do you want postop and I am looking crazy!

Do you want postop and I am looking crazy! I was not prepared for how swollen I was going to be. My eyes are really swollen shut. Why does looks pigish and I have no idea what it is really going to look like yet. I have heard that this is totally normal and I'm going to have to be patient. Right now I am just in pain and I am miserable. So I'm going to keep this short. Here are some pictures.

He said not to panic if splint came off early...Ok, I am panicked! But it is GOREOUS!!!!!!!

Ok, I have 5 dogs and trying to keep them away from my splinted nose has been a real challenge. I was asleep in the recliner this morning and looked up to my affectionate Maltese licking the side of my splint very delicately. It was also loose. So I stood up and it was half way hanging off. Now, I went ahead and took it off from the tape it was hanging from and put a call into the doctor. I wish it would have stayed on a day or two more for swelling's sake. Hopefully it won't cause a big issue :( The peak I have of it, though, Oh my goodness. Dr. Jack is an artist. I had a feeling he was and he is! It is so beautiful I want to do the happy dance just not without my splint! I will update about what the office says if I need to come in early or not. Nervous!

Thorough reviews and lots of patience.

Tomorrow I see the doctor. Boy, I read some of the posts the last few days and let me just say..."The power of percocet!" Please excuse that mess. Anyway, I realize through this that there are a lot of reviews showing before and after, but many lack the details of the first week of post-op. Most people do not want to show how hideous they look, but this leads to a lack of information. I am going to do my best to chronicle each day for anyone reading. I did many vlogs to keep track of things due to not being able to type well and see from eyes swelling. There are so many things you don't know you don't know before you endeavor a septo/rhinoplasty, you aren't equipped to ask them even with common sense in mind. I want to help anyone in day 2,3,4....in recovery where people tend to skip and really are important days in the journey. With that said, I will post some more pics chronicling those days tomorrow with some thoughts and issues that arose and my doctor answers at my appointment. Sweet dreams, dear ones! Happy healing and/or preparing.

Day 9, internal splints out.

I can't believe what came out of my nose. Two splints that had drains and were huge. Wow. The bony protrusion is still very obvious and worries me. Doctor said it was probably a blood clot, no worries, gave me steroids to help it resolve. I have never had a blood clot that felt like bone. This thing is as hard as bone and is located in the Glabella region toward the right eye socket/Frontal Maxillary Process. It has me concerned and he is really relaxed about it, but I have a gut feeling something is off. Either something from the graft or bony filings got trapped or there is an unintentional fracture. I just can't see this being a blood clot. The area it is located had a huge lime sized swelling protrusion on Day 1-3. Then it went down and I am left with this bony nickle sized lump that has edema around it and deforms my profile area of the radix causing an appearance of a continuouation from glabella to radix with little curve. I hope this goes away because I truly love my nose so far. It is still very swollen and looks kind of undefined from the frontal view like a sausage, but I can tell it is going to be prettier when the swelling is down. I really did not take this well. I bruised around my mouth, at my jaw and near my smile lines down looks like a continuous bruised resembling dark marionette lines. I am really shocked how badly I bruised. I am anemic and have to get IVs so it may be that my blood is weak again and I just bled a lot internally. I bled continuously the first 2-3 days. I had to change my gauze every 20 minutes or so. I am going to tell my fellow sisters over 40, our bodies do not snap back like they used to. This was way harder on me than I expected. I am no where near being presentable publicly. I went to the store last night to pick up some baking goods for Christmas and I had this old lady tell me "Honey, if you are being abused you need to leave that man. " I told her "No, no, I had surgery." She grilled me asking me what kind of surgery would make be have two black eyes and bruises all the way down to my mouth and jaw. I told her, " A nose job! Don't worry!!" Bless her heart, she was about upper 80's and I just wanted to hug her she was so sweet. Anyway, I had to laugh about that. Doctor Jack really is very relaxed and calm. I appreciate that, but the spaz in me wants him to care more about the lump between my brows. He told me I was "hyper." I kind of was, I guess. Being bed ridden and shunned from public interaction kind of makes you restless. I am also very worried about that bump, it is kind of messing with my head a bit. I have this horrible feeling he is going to have to do something invasive to fix it. It makes me nauseous to think of it. So, I will just stop it. lol. I am using Arnica jel and I think the one mistake I really made was eating canned soup the first couple days. The salt was just insane in it and it did not help with swelling. I am still recovering from swell hell with my back lipo so I think my body is just "enough already!!" But I want to get all this work done this year so I can kick back in my 40's. Biltmore lift (facelift, neck) is next. Arm and thigh lift, too to get my extra skin from MWL handled. I am spending so much money in juvaderm and botox it really makes sense to spend the 5K for the Biltmore lift. I want to rock my 40's and get all this out of the way while I am still in my early 40's because your body is a lot less tolerant after 40. I wish I would have done this in my 30's but I traveled so much with my career and had no time to even appreciate my family, nonetheless do anything for myself. It has been really cathartic to be home, patch and mend this tired body and heart and come full circle with myself. My mother thinks it is vanity and I agree. It is. But I would rather spend the money to look good for me and my hubs than to spend it on nic nacs and throw pillows. I didn't care about me for most of my 20's and part of my 30's so I want to care and try and enjoy what is left of my young mid-life crisis! rofl!! After two decades of a very abusive marriage, horrible divorce and a mental breakdown, it is just time. So, that is it. Sorry I kind of went off topic, but this is a nice place to kind of let it out with others who are just trying to be their best. We all have our reasons and stories and I enjoy reading all of yours, too. Very much love hearing about your experiences. More to come :)

The scabs inside will drive you crazy!

Well, internally, my nose feels like raw meat. It is scabbing so much and at times they loosen and I blow them out and have a shock! But each time they come out, I breathe that much better. The swelling is still insane. I am going to post pictures tomorrow to show any improvement. I am not holding my breath because the amount of swelling has been unbelievable. Knot between brows is still very much present and disturbing, but I am being patient. I feel a little more energetic today, must be the sleep. I used a lot of pain pills Day 1-4 but honestly I have over half the bottle left because they really are not needed after that. You will LOOK like you need them, but the pain is minimal. Mostly just discomfort. If you have dogs or cats or small kids, GUARD your nose. They do not understand after your splint is off that this baby is still very sore. Also, invest in some face wipes (Burt's Bees or Neutrogena are great) because to touch your nose while splashing water on your face is going to hurt like heck. Also, I use Palmer's Cocoa butter stick for outside of nose and inside. It is petroleum based and very thick, not lotiony, but waxier and if you take a Q-tip and glop it up on the end and VERY shallowly put it on inside rim of nose after each saline spray, it is very soothing AND it SMELLS like a CHOCOLATE Bar in your nose! Awesome sauce. Happy Healing :)
P.S. I put some before pics of my face, because I look like a greasy mess in my shots! You do not feel like washing your hair day 1-4, so I also suggest some dry shampoo!

Just when you want to give up! Wait!

It has officially been two weeks and one day. My swelling is much improved. My black eyes are still present and a small hematoma is still resolving. Overall, I am very pleased with what is happening to my nose. I was worried, I won't lie. But, after some patience and a few visits to Dr. Jack, I am very relieved and feeling great. I still have some pain, but it is nothing like the first three days. Really, it is all downhill from here! Dr. Jack has been the ultimate professional. He has addressed every one of my needs without dismissing me. No, he won't give into hysteria and a woman healing from a broken nose tends to produce that. He never loses his sense of humor or ability to laugh with me. He is genuinely a pleasure as a doctor. Not to mention he is so sexy! I know that's totally inappropriate, but he really is! That accent gets me. He told me to be patient and the swelling would resolve little by little. He was so right and every day I am just that much more thrilled with my results. He truly is an artist and he is very good at what he does.

Uneven swelling can cause you to panic. Don't do it.

Uneven swelling can cause you to panic. Don't do it. You will see some of symmetry in the beginning few weeks with your nose healing. Do not worry about it it is very normal from what I have read and what I have been told. Here's a few pictures of today I am officially two weeks and four days out. Getting better every day. My swelling is a little uneven and I want to panic deep inside, but I know but it is ridiculous to do so. Well, actually not ridiculous but pretty natural to panic about the middle of your face being screwed up for the rest of your life! LOL but, I know I have to be patient. I have to wait for the swelling to be over. After all, someone just busted my nose in half and re-created the entire thing. . Patience is not my strong suit so this is been really fun! Not!!!!! The other thing I want to mention to all of you is the smell you will have in your nose. It is an odd smell and is not very pleasant sometimes. Actually, it's straight up stinks. I believe it is from the dried blood. Also the scabs inside your nose are going to make you want to pick at them. My husband told me that he could not pass me by without seeing me dig up my nose! LOL It is tempting because they really do drive you nuts. If you have ADD like me and have issues with anything like tags rubbing your skin, the nose scabs are going to absolutely drive you crazy. But , Don't worry. You are in the privacy of your own home so you can act like that weird kid in second grade who was constantly digging for gold. However, you will just be digging for scabs and that is actually a no no! Definitely have lots of lotion tissue ready for this issue. Sometimes it feels raw inside and just putting a little bit of that cocoa butter on the tissue and reaching in the very front and not too deep can give you some relief. I have lots of Q-tips ready for applying that cocoa butter and also for comfort definitely use the saline spray. It helps dry things while keeping it moist? I know that is an odd concept but it works. another thing I want you to know about is when you smile and feel your nose almost bunching up inside, it is going to feel weird. It almost feels like it's stiff up top and you can hardly move it when you smile. It is almost like it is being pulled upward very uncomfortably. I don't know when this goes away but I wanted you to know about it. It could be because I got my septum fixed. I have heard that straight rhinoplasty is a lot easier. Anyway two weeks out and four days and it still hurts to touch my nose. Those Burt's Bees face wipes have been invaluable. My nose pores looks a little weird with because of the tape that I used on my nose. I would suggest using a base tape on each side of your nose to reapply tape so you don't rip your skin. That is something that will definitely not be fun. Anyway, to all of you who are about to take the plunge, have your recliner ready. Have your bags of frozen peas ready. Most of all, best of luck and happy healing. You won't regret this.

Every day a little better, more tip definition and less swelling.

Things are improving! Lump between brows resolved! Two black eyes still present BUT dermablend makeup can cover them. The nose is just getting better everyday. The SMELL in my nose is disgusting. Seriously, I thought we had a dead rat in the house and then I smelled the tissue after blowing my nose and about gagged. Do you want to prevent that situation? Be a good girl and use that saline spray twice a day without fail. I skipped a couple of days and I regret it. I read many reviews with the smell issue and several who had revisions had no smell if they used the spray religiously. This seems to be the key to avoiding the worst kind of potpurri of stank up your nose. Other than that? I need to quit eating peppermint bark. I have put on 5 lbs and Christmas isn't even over yet!

Day by day, a little better. The smell? uck and uck

Still a terrible smell in my nose that drives me just about crazy. However, my nose is healing well and the tip is showing more and more refinement each day. Looks less and less crooked. I am very happy with the way things are slowly improving. It is SO HARD to have patience. You are just positive your nose was messed up in the beginning, it is hard to wait it out. I think 3 weeks seems to be the mark I really started to see where things were going. The one thing I will say is I feel my face is totally different. I look different and it is hard to know if some of this is swelling. I have very fine bone structure, very good cheekbones and all of this seems somewhat obscured right now. I miss the dimensions of my face. I have kind of a flat look right now and will be happy when my normal bone structure is back and the swelling is gone. Anyway, I keep saline solution in the nostrils twice a day and lots of scented candles around to counteract the stanky smell. Happy healing

Better swelling every day. 4 weeks.

The smell is still here! I would seriously shove a Yankee candle up my nose if I thought it would get rid of this odor. Otherwise, I am very happy with the results so far. My swelling comes and goes. Today, my nose looked pretty good. I am starting to be able to smile fully without it feeling strange. I also noticed that my nose is hardening and less pliable. That makes me feel better. Anyway, happy healing and glad to give an update. More to come!

A quick reiteration for those about to have a rhinoplasty....NO SALT!! (canned soup) Lots of Pineapple.

Please avoid salt at all costs, ladies. It will cause your face to swell and your nose to swell with it. I did not realize how bad it affected me and I chose to eat canned soup. Canned soup is the worst at nearly 30% of your salt intake a day. Please stick with pineapple smoothies and lots of water for the first several days and watch your salt. Pineapple had Bromelain, is a natural anticoagulant that works by breaking down the blood-clotting protein fibrin. It helps your healing process :)

The tale of the spastic Chihuahua.

My little dog is insane. I was holding him and kissing his little head last night. He heard a noise and in true chihuahua fashion, he goes ballistic! Of course he jumps and slams my nose with his head. Ugh. Today it is a little swollen and I am totally neurotic. I want to Realself Q&A until the cows come home. I don't have too much traffic on here, but girls please help me out! I am a nervous wreck now. The one nostril is a bit swollen and it is a bit crooked from the underside, but it has done that before and then been fine the next few days. I am just majorly paranoid at this point. I love my little DJ Smalls, but I am ready to kick his little macho nacho butt!!!

You know it is a good nose job when your MOM and DAD don't even notice.

Went to my son's basketball game last night and my Mom never even mentioned it. So, finally I said, "You know, I got my nose done on top of the septoplasty." She said, "I did not even NOTICE!!" She could not get over how subtle and improved the result. I said to myself, that is when it is good. When your family doesn't see it right away. Dr. Jack really kept the character of my nose while making it better! Very happy.

Nine weeks post op update

Everything is going really well. I still have that horrid smell in my nose. I have had some tip swelling off and on, including today, but other than that the nose looks great. I am very happy with it. He did not overdo it and I still have a lot of my nose similarities and character-which I am grateful for. Very happy! Now if the smell would just go away!
Pensacola Otolaryngologist

You will not find many reviews on here because he is somewhat traditional about posting his work. However, he has been doing this for over 20 years and is amazingly gifted. He gave me my nose in a better form. I still have my shape and no one has said "Oh, you had a nose job." It fits me, I am so happy. I breathe better and I feel better about myself. Do not hesitate if you are in Pensacola. He is highly intelligent and somewhat dry but you WANT that in someone who will affect the center of your face for the REST of your life. You want that in someone who is going to create your breathing environment. I am an intense person so I appreciate that side of him. If you want handholding and cuddling, he is not for you. With that said, he has a great sense of humor if you do, too. If you want someone who shoots straight, is conservative and also mindful of your goals and has experience, he is a perfect fit. I will take cerebral prowess over bedside manner any day of the week. Througout this journey, his softer side has emerged over and over. He soothed me before surgery and has laughed with me during neurotic moments in the healing process while maintaining control and confidence. My husband can hold my hand. I wanted this doctor to fix my nose and breathing and he did. He took spectacular care of me and his work is beautiful. I trusted him from the first meeting and so glad that I did. Please follow my well-documented journey**Note to Dr. Kotlarz*** Get your reviews on here!! You are a best-kept secret from Realself.

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