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Went in for consultation with Dr. Jack Kotlarz a...

Went in for consultation with Dr. Jack Kotlarz a few days ago. Like other reviewers have noticed, he is direct and does not sugarcoat what is needed. I told him about my issues with sinus blockage, congestion and also my unhappiness with my large nose and projection and he cut right to the chase. He told me it was going to be all about the balance between aesthetic and functionality. He said he will be conservative about tip refinement but I will be very pleased with the reduction in projection. My husband (who is not in total agreement that I need any nose work) was quickly laughing after the doctor said "Yes, your nose is too big and projects way too much." I knew this ALL along, but after my doctor confirmed my observations, my husband was more understanding that it wasn't just in my head or being overly conscientious about it.
Having a surgeon that taught in a university and who is also board certified on top of being an ENT who understands the structure and functioning necessary is very soothing. I may have visited Miami for my breasts, but I am sticking to an ENT to do my nose and LOCAL. I love Miami, but I am ready to be home! I will document the journey and add pictures as we go along!
For us ladies with large noses, it is plain as the nose on our face. Surgery is scheduled for Dec. 2nd. I am very excited for less headaches and congestion in sinus season and to have a prettier nose!

Before pics

Full face with nose

Just wanted to give a good before shot showing my full face and the nose in proportion to it along with the close-ups.

The night before Christmas and lost medication!

The night before Christmas and lost medication! So it is the night before my rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I am very excited and nervous. To top it off, we just returned from Illinois and all of the haste of packing and cleaning out things somehow my bag messing up thrown away. I left it in the Walmart bag and in the pharmacy bag inside that and I threw it away like an idiot. I called the doctors office and told them but I blamed it on my husband so I feel bad! Anyway I don't know if they will refill my pain medicine so I guess I'm going to be in a lot of pain. How bad is it? Anybody recess please let me know. I'm pretty much a wuss when it comes to pain. The worst part is I pay for them and then just threw them away. maybe it is for the best because I get really sick on those things anyway. There isn't any that I can really take without wanting to throw up even if I take Phengran. just wait all of you ladies who are under 40. When you start to lose those hormones you get brain-dead! Anyway, wish me luck!

Excuse the above. Don't use voice text when you're doing an update!

Excuse the above. Don't use voice text when you're doing an update!
Pensacola Otolaryngologist

He is highly intelligent and somewhat dry but you WANT that in someone who will affect the center of your face for the REST of your life. You want that in someone who is going to create your breathing environment. I am an intense person so I appreciate that side of him. If you want handholding and cuddling, he is not for you. If you want someone who shoots straight, is conservative and also mindful of your goals and has experience, he is a perfect fit. I will take cerebral prowess over bedside manner any day of the week. My husband can hold my hand. I want this doctor to fix my nose and breathing and I trusted him from the first meeting. More to come!

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