23/2kids/5'9"/700cc Mentor MemoryGel* smooth round hp gel

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I have a small 34 b (barely) chest and I am...

I have a small 34 b (barely) chest and I am striving for big bountiful boobies! After researching and saving for over a year I am at a place where I can consider this surgery. After having 2 beautiful boobie draining kids min have shrunk and deflated if that's possible!! I'm so excited and anxious just ready to make a consultation. I have picked out 6 surgeons near my area but have narrowed it to 3 to make my life easier! I'm sure to be posting more and also pixs!!!

My stats are as follows

145 lbs
34 b (36a)
Hoping for 600 cc


I just booked my consultation today for February 15 2016 and I am so excited. I also feel really anxious, I'm sure anyone else would feel the same!!! I'm just keeping calm hoping for the best out of the consult who is with Dr shaddix. It was between him and a few others so fingers crossed this goes well. Might as well post a pic!!


Just had my consultation we discussed everything from my particular chest structure (I have a slight concave on my left side) he said it may or may not affect where the implant might sit. I still told him that either way I want implants and other than the fact he couldn't promise total symmetry that it should be fine and he will decide what it would call for during surgery. I am totally stoked. By next month I will have a big ol set of knockers. Oh did I mention I'm getting 600 cc silicone. Posting pics also.

Research research and research

For a whole year prior to my consultation, I have been researching like mad (this website and others) trying to learn everything I could. But my consultation I learned far more than I expected but my questions I had lined up were about
Snoopy boob (shape and slope)
Bottom out
Capsular contracture
And basically what should I expect ten years down the line.
He informed me all above and some without me really having to ask. He was very informative and very knowledgeable and experienced
Im going in knowing every risk that I'm taking getting this surgery and every complications I might run into

Ye ol wish booby

Some of my accumulated wish pics



2 week countdown

And I'm really wanting to up the size 50-100 cc. I think how tall I am 5'10" they might look too small for the look I want. I just hope I'm happy with what I end up getting. I really hope I am able to go up. I've been looking for more pics to show so the "look" and not just the number is what's important. I also started taking multivitamin. My kids got a stomach bug last week and are just getting over it, it only lasted me 2 days and I'm so afraid of getting sick again it's just too close to the date!! I only have 1135 dollars left to pay for the hospital/anesthesia fee I already paid the doctor. So next week it will all be paid for. Still feels so far,away!! I try not to overthink this it's caused me real sleep deprivation lol

Telling loved ones/support

Has anyone else told about their surgery,like telling your job why you need a week off? I told my manager I was having surgery then she said "are you getting your boobies done or something!!?" Wow wtf lol I didn't reply I just said I need healing time at least a week I might be back before then... she was totally fine I love her. I actually told my mom and I was really debating on it but I haven't always had her support in important things in the past but really trying to strengthen our bond as I get older and well I told her. How awkward. But she actually was cool with it was actually giving me some (helpful) advice and no negative advice (thank you jesus) and a few days later sent me a funny joke of a goofy way too big boobs. But it was difficult to explain why I wanted this and as an adult with kids spending money like this really weighs into your consciousness and makes you stress and doubt even though you know it's what you really want. But she understood (she is flat too) and it's easier for other flat woman to understand this because woman with bigger busts never went through the same self doubt. I also told my BFF at work and she was so excited for me it felt really good. My husband has known since last year and is just the most support I could ever have I'm very lucky. One more person. I told was a girl at work (hourglass totally curvy) and she was negative about it. But woman with curves don't get it!!! So after that I told no one else. Nobody really needs to know. But I feel the love I need for thus and that's what really matters. Now I'm just really hoping nothing goes wrong because it would be awhile before I could fix it and it's already so expensive I don't have this money lying around. (OK I do right now but that's not the point lol) I read so many forums on complications and it's so scary I actually think I may have something to worry about. Is this normal??? I need more confidence lol for real. Hopefully I can help another woman who has my stats or is afraid like me. Well bye for now.

This is me now

This is just me now and also while I was pregnant. When I was pregnant I was a 34D. The biggest I have ever been. That was nice!! Too bad it didn't last (only through breast feeding and then they are only to feed your babies not for fun)
I also have broad shoulders that make wearing tube tops so unflattering and I love tube tops. I might purchase a lot after my boobs are done haha. I already purchased a lot of tank tops from Hollister they're clothes go on sale ALL OF THE TIME seriously. And I start to wonder why and I might not shop there anymore actually now that I think I know why. They probably use child labor :( anyways I'm getting off point but I'll probably start buying more Victoria secret. Does anyone know if they use child labor. OK I'm posting some pics I generally never take pics of my chest or rather they never appear in my pics lmao

Talked to doctor

I talked in the phone with my surgeon and he said it would be possible to go higher up in size and my implants will be different sizes of about 50 cc because of my chest he described it as one side is a bowl and one side is a plate omg lol!!! But still good news and I'm very excited I really like the fact when I emailed my surgeon he called me only a day later to discuss and it just made me feel so much better and made my day. Also I'll be saggy Maggy in maybe a decade and they will be heavier but I said I don't care! Gimme my 700 cc boobies; ) well one will be 650 the other will be 700 well he will have to see if they fit first and he said he will be placing orders for them and I am just so excited I can't wait it makes me work harder at my job just knowing I have this to look forward to
I told my husband and his reaction was WHY BIGGER??? I joked and said what do you think I'll look like he said DUMBO. Hahaha so your point is??? Jk I know as a taller built female I need that extra size!! Plus I want to be proportioned with my hips I would need more than 600... I showed my hub some pics and asked him if they were too big. He said no. Lol men. He thinks I'm trying to look rediculous but I'm not!! I have a certain look I want..

1 week away

1 week away so close but so far I have a long work week ahead of me and my hubby is sick perfecto! Just staying positive!!

Gosh I have a ton of pictures

I cannot wait to purge these suckers from my phone lol

Pregnancy titties

I filled out this bra once. It's a Victoria secret dream angels push up in 34 D . I'm hoping to fill it out and even more.

Welcome to the other side!!

Hurray I made it! Will post pics as soon as I can


In a lot of pain

Day of

Remember to get your prescription before your operation don't be like me!! I was in a ton of pain and it took CVS an hour and a half to fill mine. Wow. Silly me but I'm feeling better now I'm at about a 3 or 4 and was at a 7/8. Also mostly sleeping and nodding off from medicine. I got percosets, antibiotics, nausea medicine, muscle relaxer . My hubby is in charge of that as of right now. Keep having to remind my 2 year old not to jump on me lol I got 700 cc in each breastf I'm pretty happy about that

Operation day

I honestly never thought this day was going to get here but finally after mutiple countdown widgets (those great little apps on your phone) it reached the time to get my dream.
So, we arrived at 10 am because we had to be early to get my tests done (urine sample, blood pressure) nothing crazy. I was told that my driver had to be there the entire time so luckily it was my husbands off day. So after I was gone they put me In a little room to start my Iv of sort of saline. My husband was able to wait with me and we watched TV on a nice big flat screen until Dr Shaddix came in (a little over an hour) but I didn't mind because the nurses were so sweet!! If I remember right my nurses were Lee and Melissa but I think I have the names wrong I was so nervous!!!
Then Dr Shaddix came in and I swear I felt like I was meeting with a celebrity almost! Idk if it has to do with how I think of plastic surgeons or its his aura but it is so comforting. I think he is just so professional. Anyways he measured me again and marked my chest. Also went over complications and so on.
The anesthesia nurse was so sweet too I wish I remembered her name she was gentle and kind and always smiling.
So after I was marked I was taken to the operating room it reminded me of the room I had my c sections in. Scary lol but there were like 5 or 6 female nurses I think assistants and they were angels. I put on the mask took some breaths and all I remember is waking up in PAIN momma. Felt like my first c section but on my chest. Wooh! I was begging for me ds. I think the best I got was at a 6. But this nurse Lee really took care of me and brought me ginger ale like 3 times I was thirsty. Haha.
So on the way home I wasn't in much pain I had to trust my hubby to drive -.- yikes haha we drive so differently but he tried I'm glad I have him.
So I get home and sit in one of my nests I made for after sugery. Recliner and pillows to prop me.

I've been getting up and down by myself and try to walk as much as I can. I'm really needing to take pain med ever 3 - 3 1\2 hours I don't know if that's good or bad because I'm so sore.
I was thinking if I should ice them but my post op care instructions say to avoid it so I'm basically feeling my chest is about to pop. It's hard to breathe. But I'll make it fine I went through 2 c sections I'll be coo. I can't wait to wear bras tho!!

So my

Anniversary is on the 18th me and my husband's have been married 3 years but have been together a total of 8 years. I feel like this is my reward/gift. Lol! I hope everyone is recovering well and is loving their new boobies! (:

I feel huge

I wanted to have really big beasts but I was wondering if a lot of my size is swelling or not. I will find out on my prep this morning.

So much pain

I will be do much happier once the pain is gone and I can enjoy my new boobs!! The doc gave me exactly what I wanted.
I bought a few bras today and they were all xl and 2xl it's so strange buying those versus buying training bras lol. I can't wait for them to d&f and most importantly stop hurting so bad I feel like I'm not supposed to move


I went to Walmart today with my husband and got to pick up some cheap bras for now. I think they are really cute I got a 3 pack of layering fruit of the loom bras XL for $10 on clearance I think and I got a danskin brand sports bra 2Xl with matching boyshorts (so cute!) On clearance $9 and now I'm wearing a fruit of the loom yoga push up bra in black size 38 I measured my bust yesterday and it's at 38 inches.. I'm really itching from the pain medication hopefully I can stop taking them soon.

Bloating and such

I'm really bloated and have gas lol. It hurts to try to suck my stomach in so I hope that resolves itself soon. I'm in less pain now just itchy. I've been trying to take it easy and not over do myself just being overly cautious. They are still high and tight but I'm loving them they look a little less swollen today but I have not been icing them ..took a shower around 2 am. I felt so much better after that.

Love ?

Loving them so far I hope to see changes soon :)

Day 3

I like this set I got for pretty cheap. I did good at guessing what would fit me so I wonder what to expect in the next few weeks. Pain is tolerable but I'm still on the pills. I just want to touch and feel them but I don't want to mess up anything lol I sent my mom a prank picture too I had a good laugh


My girls are big I'm so excited to see the d&f, I'm not gonna lie I really am loving them more everyday

B4 and after

So I'm really loving it and the size I chose but ultimately left up to the doctor. My surgeon was Dr. Kyle Shaddix Pensacola Florida absolutely amazing ?

High and tight

I took the padding out of this sports bra because it looked better.? Achievement unlocked ?

measured myself

and my band size is 30 (but always been sized 34 by VS)
and my bust size is 38..
so I calculated it and im a 34 ff holy cow!
Im wondering if these are going to get any bigger, i had to rip that danskin 2 xl bra off thing was killing me now im in a cardigan using it as a robe. my boobs are giants! BUT i like how they look on me im just thinking about this bra size tho!

Covering the frankenboob master of disguise

I think this shirt will hide these super high boobies on my chest while I get a haircut. I hope it isn't obvious lol

i edited a lot of pics b4 i had surgery

while i was researching for wish boobs and stuff, i would crop out the wish boob and paste it to my body. I think if anything i got dead on what i was aiming for. yippee! also i couldnt make up my mind on what cc's i wanted xD

B4 and afters

Just a,few B4 and afters

Knowing what I know now...

I would have been prepared and bought a pack or 2 of laxatives. Being held up for a week gave me the worst cramps and constipation... yeah pretty gross but that would be some of my advice I should have listened to others on here. Lol
All is good again though so I'm thankful for that

A Lil scared

That I'm not gonna get a normal result... I'm only a little under 2 weeks and they look like cones and I know they will round out but I'm a Lil worried they will still look like cones lol Idk! I can't find any progression pictures on the Internet of my size on how they are supposed to look so maybe I'll be the first one with such pics!! I like their size I cant wait for them to round out more, they are sort of square. Looking forward to seeing changes soon.


Im loving the extra confidence that I have now. Even though I never thought of my breasts really in day to day life, filling out my clothes makes me carry myself differently. I feel like a woman! Ow Ow! Lol :) I'm just so dang happy to have boobies isn't it crazy?!? Lol
I've been enjoying them quite more now it's the second week I can sort of squeeze them together and stare at my own cleavage lol. I'm a weirdo?? I've really been missing sleeping on my tummy idk if I'll ever do that again oh well.
And as for my size I'm so happy I wasn't afraid of going really big (even though I'm tall and they fit me perfectly). At first I was like "wow" but now I'm so happy and can't wait to see the drop and fluff I'm so excited to buy some bras!! :)))


I still have morning boob, but I can easily clear that up with a little med.
They are dropping a little every day but are still taking on a retangular shape I have very very full upper pole that I think will be dropping in the next few weeks - months. I'm not too impatient though, in fact if they had to stay like this I would still be happy. I'm just happy to have breasts tbh. Lol. I'm posting pix for progression

Forgot a pic

One more pic I forgot. Also they are getting less rock hard and I can squeeze them together (but I try not to manipulate them too much) and I can lay on my side. I like my laying down on my side cleavage! It's so much better than b4 lol

Bought a bra today

I decided to buy a bra today because i had a nightmare of them sagging by my belly button and the whole time i was holding them up where they're supposed to be while i was looking for my bra. lol.
I've just been wearing this yoga bra and its not much support, plus some other sports bras but
I've been concerned about getting a supportive bra I don't want saggy boobs lol!!
So I went to this website called adoreme.com and it's sort of like a subscription website like justfab.com (i have one of those) and it gives you the same option to skip every month so your not
charged. Just another one i'll have to remember to skip i guess haha. I got a set of bra and panties for 25$ not bad at all. I should be posting pics if what i ordered fits. yay for my first bra lol

I really would just like to say...

that.. now listen this might sound idk, crazy, but ..
if you've decided on a size and you are really positive about it and you think it's going to be perfect (not too little but not too big)... go about 100 cc plus that. I PROMISE you will not regret it.
I know you may be concerned about being too big. BUT, you will have boob greed. you will. are you still thinking you won't? let me repeat myself. YOU WILL. lol! its not a bad thing but it happens.
SOO, if you are getting anything under 400 they 'might' be a little smaller than you wanted a few
months after they are done.
And I'm just saying because I have read so many reviews and comments on forums (not here) that have had so many regrets on not going bigger because they didn't want to look like pamela anderson or dolly pardon. haha. I don't even look like them and I went 700.
So take my opinion lightly with a grain of salt. I am just having a word to the wise. Peace out :)

my measurments

Ok, im going to update my measurements since I am about 3 weeks.
My under bust (frame) size is 31.
My bust size measured at the fullest part is 37. (it was 38 a week ago)
and my above bust is 36. (i think it was 37 a week ago too) but is still full with implant or upper pole.
My implants have dropped at least an inch and I am not as swollen which would probably explain why my measurement around has gone down an inch. I'm not exactly sure of this dropping and fluffing process Haha. I am fitting a lot better in that sports bra (that i have a pic of on here it is gray and lime green) and i'm not totally spilling out the top and I am definitely filling out more at the bottom. So that's good news i thought i was going to have to toss it because my nips were always coming out it was uncomfortable, but now my nips are fullly covered and and all that.

My pain has gone down considerably but they still ache and feel heavy and i can't move around normally like i used to, I have to take it slow and steady. I sleep comfortably now thank goodness my back was starting to kill me from sleeping on it all the time. Now I can do side and if my pillows are situated nice I can do belly again. yay :D
The only probs I have is nipple sensitivity and under boob sensitivity and part of my ribs that I can't explain but hurts when i stretch to get something off a high shelf. But it is all bearable just can't wait to be 100% again.
I am so happy I have 700 cc because if i had gone smaller with 600 I would probably be disappointed. Can't wait for my bra to arrive in the mail yayyy

tank top

Im wearing a fruit of the loom yoga bra.. it fits just not supportive.
I can't wait to see what i look like in a normal bra XD


i was afraid of this... actually not really

I wasn't prepared for this... something that i should have considered more... my left booby, is bigger! wahhh! It's not too noticeable except I discovered this when i bent over in a mirror and saw. Well that is how they were before, and I think my surgeon decided against it I still want to see what his opinion of that was. But it still is higher too and I don't know what the outcome will be yet, who knows! But obviously this would happen given that I was uneven before so I'm not really complaining. I'm happy to have big boobs, it's what I've always wanted and now I have them so I see nothing to gripe or be ungrateful for. SO updates... My left jiggles sometimes, they feel normal (according to husb) lol. They are not natural soft but they aren't as rock hard. Just about all pain is gone except the ribs part. I don't sleep on my stomach, it hurts after about 10 minutes plus I'm afraid to mess something up. they have dropped so much it is crazy and a lot of upper pole has went down and they are starting to look more natural every day. Still going crazy over bra size though I wish I knew what I was !!

My first real bra

My bra from adoreme.Com came in and it's size 34 DD and I paid $24 for bra and matching panties. I think it's too small.

Love this bra

My favorite... front closure and racer back. Perfect for tanks. The band doesn't sit flush with sternum and my nips are a jiggle from popping. Lol.... what does this mean???

34 dd racer back light push up

Soo, though it's not full coverage by any means is this considered fitting? Lol I've never had this big boob problem.

I also tightened the straps all the way for better feeling support. I will probably hold off on spending any more money on bras until I can go out and try some on.

Oh and shout out to lefty. Keeping it large and in charge. Also I have been watching what I eat a little more. Trying to trim off a little waist.

I asked my doctor

why he didn't choose two different sizes. he said...

"So, even though the structure of your chest was different between sides, your breasts didn't look to be very different in volume meaning that you had more breast tissue on the left to make up for the depression of your chest wall on that side. I just had mentioned it to you before surgery in case I needed to put in different sizes. When I put in the same size sizers in the OR, it looked better than when I put in a larger one on the left. So, I went with what looked best in the OR. If different sizes are put in, not only does the larger implant have more volume but it is wider and higher which can look bad. But basically, they looked the same in the OR. If they look different now, I think its important to wait until everything settles to judge. Almost always, with larger implants, one drops and softens a little quicker than the other. Since the implants are so large, that settling at different paces is very noticeable. All will settle out in the end. Is everything still looking good to you?"

HE always responds so nice and informing! lol he is great!


One month update and boy they have changed so much and everyday they look a little different it's weird lol. One day I'm like, man they sure look small, then a few days later I'll be like wow they sure
are looking mighty big! So I think they change everyday especially when I measure them. My bust
right now is 38" where last week or week before it was 37". It's just a waiting game to see how they
turn out. I've been too busy working really to pay them a lot of attention.


Laying on my side boobage xD


This b4 pic though!! It's been a while since I've reflected on the change. Atlas over a month since I looked or thought of my lil boobs

B4 and after

i have a few

more bras coming in the mail from the site adoreme.com

right now its buy 1 get one free so I got 2 sets of bra and panties for under $60
I ordered a 34ddd and a 32g so hopefully I'll get a good outcome, they also always do free shipping
and exchanges. Currently I am just about bursting out of the 34 DD, in a loose fitting polo work shirt I can see some overflow and I am always adjusting so my nipples don't be poking out!

So, I know it's still early to be buying all these bras but my boobs are heavy I need to support them
the best I can! they are my new kids! lol

i hope to see a few changes in the shape as well, i see some hard lines in the cleavage, and i don't know if it just shadows playing tricks or what!

I hope you all are doing well, and loving life with your decisions to make your boobies awesome!

What have you done with your old bras

Do you try them on like me lol
This was my favorite bra, I'm keeping it because 1. It's only 4 or more months old 2. Victoria secret is just too expensive

Maybe someone I know might want it.... maybe I'll goodwill it.

One is dropping faster

I can't wait to see the changes that are to come I'm not even two months yet but I can see that one is dropping faster. Lol come on sisters, let's get it together. But I'm loving how I look in a shirt w/o a bra on. I feel much more feminine for sure, I couldn't bare doing this often (tank top & braless) and looking in a mirror.

flip flopping

i keep measuring myself and i feel like its flip flopping, one day they are bigger then they are smaller!
this is weird and I need to know my size, I'm over here buying bras and my boobs need to make up their mind XD

So, i'm just now noticing

the real anatomy of my before boobs. If you haven't really studied your breasts before your procedure you might end up surprised like me! My breasts have always been so small that I've never noticed that my nipples are like pointed in different directions! lol! gosh I hope this gets better how embarrassing! Well not really, I know how to laugh at myself but still.... I never knew this.

husbands thoughts

Okay so my husband obviously loves these big ol things, and I don't think I have to go into too much detail about that! lol but he does make remarks about them all the time we are together somewhere like , " oh your showing them girls off? " . yes, really annoying. But I never take it personally he is just
expressing his feelings I guess. haha. But I think he is really, really liking them. It probably feels like a whole new woman? I've been to the beach lately and omg, i think I got my first check out stare? wow! I've been pretty since I was in highschool but I rarely ever got "checked out" if you know what I mean.... lol nice. anyways thats all for now ;)

Profile pics

My left side and right side, one has more upper pile I think the left.

My bras came in!!`

okay My pink one is a 32 G. and I think that is my perfect fit. It has no padding and still creates a
cleavage, and I am so glad the place I got it from carries an abundance of this size in so many
cute designs!

the black bra is a 34 DDD and I'm not sure how I feel about it.. It feels just slightly bigger than the
DD, although it is a bit more supportive. it is a push up but i've noticed the bigger the cup the less
of padding it actually has lol. that being said it still feels like it's too small. :(

I hope I am not too tempted to spend all my money on lingerie!!! lol

my bras came in!!!

it felt like forever!! at least 2 weeks!! thats a long time to wait for mail but they finally came
and I'm so friggin happy! they fit! yippeee! also I found the 32 g to be a perfit fit, the one I got is
pink, no padding whatsoever, but it supports me so good and i still have a nice cleavage! plus with
those matching panties I got... lord have mercy. ;D
The second bra I ordered was a 34 DDD and it doesn't feel too much different than the DD.. most of my breasts show, but i feel it is more supportive than the DD. I may have to stick with a 32 band.

so i feel at this moment that the 32 g is my best size! :D And luckily the website I get my bras from
have an abundance of that size.. and they are so cute that i want to spend my whole pay check on
a lingerie wardrobe... the struggle!!!!

my pink bra :D

32 g, fits as snug as a bug in a rug...

Full body

Full body pic might be helpful! Lol

I'm 5'9 140lbs 700cc L&r.

More of whole body

5'9 140lbs 700cc L&R


Ever week Is new!!

12 weeks

in other news

I'm really getting motivated to start working out and losing fat off of my tummy!
Having kids leaves you with a little stubborn pouch that can be a challenge no matter how much
I watch what I eat, I am naturally skinny and have a pretty high metabolism.. meaning I can eat pretty much whatever I want and not gain more than 5 pounds..

However getting that fat off is soooo hard! Especially since I've had 2 c sections, the surgery left me with a "fat shelf"... something l didn't know about c sections is that when they sew you back up it creates a ton of scar tissue.

So I am buying a waist trainer and after doing research I'm going with the brand Ann Chery andI am getting a workout waist latex trainer. Supposedly the material acts like a thermos and will help burn off fat when I work out.. I could have gone with the other one that isn't for working out but I might as well get the work out one right?

anyways I have started running and If anyone has any tips for me that would be great I am a beginner and all. I have a few weights too that I will start working on squats and learning how to warm up and all that stuff..
I really want that flat tummy sexyness!!!

Waist trainer

Not everyone agrees that these are good or healthy but some people will do anything to improve their body, including me. I'm on a flat and toned body journey back in time before I had children.
Here I have an Ann Chery sports 2 hook waist trainer in size medium. My waist is initially 29 inches at the smallest.
My goal is my weight under 140 and an hour glass looking figure I also have a regular 3 hook cinched in size small in the mail. :D
Will take any exercise tip . Also eating tips.

So happy

That all that bloating is gone and I'm getting some nice results with the combination of waist training, 3x a week running and exercise, and restricting what I eat ..

That bloating after surgery is the real deal, and it led to to keep putting on weight and I didn't care because I had boonies to match my belly but I'm trying to get a slim waist now.


workout vids for beginners like me or maybe not! the ab girl killed me :)


It's Goin to take a lifestyle change

Redbull and stacker pills lol.
I must look so unhealthy but, the stackers give a cap ton of energy and focus and definitely curb your appetite to the point of not being hungry for hours. As long as you stay doing something and focused at least. The sugar free Redbull is just something I live off of. Lol. Gonna do my but today as well.

dat booty


i am mirroring what they are doing in the mirror i cannot keep up! it looks easy..

Going through old photos

In my phone. It is just so... unreal. I Will never regret this decision lol. It's made my life so much better. I'll be posting a lot of before plus pics of how my waist training is going.. I've already lost about an inch.

These pics are so humbling!
And no I was not pregnant in any of these pics lol!!


I'm glad I don't look like this anymore

Push ups

You know that pain

You get in your boobs when you first start to get them at age 13 or 14 (when they are "growing") that never seemed to happen very much lol. well I get that sometimes now. Better late than never.

Women who went too big

..... I sent one of these with the head cropped out to my mom right after surgery lol.

3 mnth scars

Still dark I hope they will fade

Vs semi annual sale

It started as an innocent trip to the mall after bringing my daughter to the 3 month check up on my new assets. I was just going to get her a little toy from one of the new toy stores because she is just so good. Then I walked passed the vc sale. I had to see if I could even fit in their bras anymore so I picked out a few to try on. Unfortunately, I may have to buy my bras in new places. Their biggest cup size is a DDD. And I'm at least 1 or more cup sizes bigger. This, is so sad. Their bras are expensive, not the very best in fit, but they make you feel so dang sexy! Especially picking out matching panties to that brand new sparkling bra! Well I did buy a few whether they were the perfect fit or not. I couldn't help it. I am..a shopaholic. Lol

So my perfect size I think is 32 f. I don't like to wear 34 bands anymore because they ride up in the back.

I didn't even try the pink one on but I should have.

Oh and about the follow up appointment, my doc said he thinks they turned out exquisite and wants to put the pics on his website!!! Everyone go see Dr SHADDIX Pensacola florida!! The best!!!

Mall story

So you know those kiosks in the mall that you sometimes avoid eye contact and walk by quickly, well for some reason I stop by them especially if they look like they are about to free sample you.. I am a free samples girl.
Well this one happened to be a deep sea cosmetic kiosk, those ones that sell lotions, soap, nail kits from isreal..
Well he initiated convo, like any normal sales person, and wanted to buff my nail or something (selling nail kit) and I was like why not so he uses a 4 sided buffer and he was very charming and funny. He said while buffing "do you believe in magic? Promise not to jump and scream when you see your nail" and when he was done buffing my nail it was so damn shiny!!! So I'm like, I have got to get this kit for my mom, she loves shiny nails and doesn't really paint them I thought it would be perfect.

Then he goes on about something else, I'm like great. But hey whatever he about to show me on my skin is free and I'm all about that skin care stuff now. So he uses this stuff called peeling gel and it made my skin look brand new (for 3 mins) and I was like omg!! I want this too!! Then he goes to wash it off but uses this toner stuff and it smelled good my arm looked completely different than my other. I felt lux. So he goes into trying to sell it, initially making everything $120 , I told him I didn't have that much then he made it even cheaper by saying how he'll throw in this and that so it would only be like $100... I said I don't even have that!! I told him I have like 90 bucks and then he just let me have it all for $86 and I'm like saaweeet! ! Maybe he got me, maybe I just paid what it's worth who knows but I feel like he was really generous. Now I need to hurry and give to my mom b4 I want to use all this. Lol.

3 months

Normal sitting positions, doc said they have settled in their final form. Lol yay

What's up with

The bra fitters at victorias secret demanding you ring that door bell so they can see you in the bra? Maybe that's just how I felt after she repeated it like 3 times I felt like I had too lmao then im like I don't have to do that. Had to convince myself. Lol maybe I'm just weird.

Wish pic vs 3 month

This is one of my wish pics that I showed my doc. I showed my doc at least 15 wish pics and I think he got my look of all of them combined. I get this look whIle wearing a bra with too small of a cup size while being push up. This bra is vs very sexy.

Random assorted pics

Well then!

I Shall be updating at 6,9,and 12 month marks from now on.. live long and prosper!


Here's a little update of my 700s.
Everything seems to be going great however I force myself to wear a bra pretty much all the time. I think they turned out very natural looking.


I'm really liking my size I haven't had any noon greed mostly because I would honestly be concerned if they were bigger lol. I have had to be very patient though because they do change over time. But I love how natural they look I just wish the scars weren't so dark and noticable they aren't directly in the crease so I thought my boobs dropped too low. They are big, bUT not super fake and obvious. I'm pleased. Maybe in the future I will go bigger lol 15 years or so

Something that I have noticed

Have my implants dropped too low? aka bottomed out? something I have have a few nightmares about? It's hard to say. My surgeon had to lower my crease because of the size I got. So maybe the reason that my scars aren't dead in the crease is because he couldn't predict exactly where they would fall. I did bring this up at my 3 month check up, because I was concerned. I asked him how much lower are they going to go and he assured me that they will stay the same and are at the final stage of d&f. I trust him, I mean I don't look in the mirror and say, "damn My boobs look bottomed out".. I think they just look... more natural.. I think they look great and if they did bottom out I guess I'm fine with it. It was a risk that I took. But I think my surgeon did a great job, I have a lot of projection except I don't have very fake looking upper pole (cue push up)
I think they sit where they should, and If I was born with big boobs i think that's where they would be.... EOS
anyways thank you to the lovely people on here to comment and support. :) We're all in it together!

Career change

I'm hitting the poles! hah, jk. I'm actually joining the military AF branch, and luckily they have approved my makeover! YES. Now to buy an extreme push up for all of my activities ahead. I hope they don't hold me back, but I won't allow them too! I hope everyone has a beautiful, day, week, month and year and to remember patience is key and you all look fabulous!

Looking better as more time passes

1 year mark

I still love my breacts, they have settled in their final form and I couldn't be happier, I'm glad I was lucky enough to get them it has made my life so much better I have so much more confidence. I can do push ups, which makes me happy because I was afraid to "break them". All in all I love how they look. I feel like if someone didnt know that they were implants they would think they were real.
Kyle Shaddix, MD

Kyle Shaddix is a great surgeon. He made me feel comfortable, has great communication, and I liked him as a person. He is very open, kind and considerate. My results are very pleasing and I want to share him with all! Also his staff are beyond nice and sweet and always made an effort to make me feel valued and at home. Very satisfied.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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