Not As Horrific As Some Reviews Claim

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I can see why other people may have had problems...

i can see why other people may have had problems with the pain. the procedure has uncomfortable moments and hours later my teeth are still a bit sensitive.

the actual preparation for zoom is only mildly annoying. the impression for the trays were a bit uncomfortable. putting all the coverings over my gums and lips a bit time consuming.

the procedure was 3 sessions of 15 minutes.

  • the zoom light in your mouth feels like when you are at the beach and you know your skin is getting sunburn- like sunburn in the mouth & on the lips
  • the "zingers" people talk about happen pretty quickly after you are out of the chair- these zingers feel like when you have a cracked cavity or sensitive teeth & you eat sugar gum or drink hot/cold drink. the pain is uncomfortable but tolerable
  • each session gets a little more uncomfortable- but all tolerable. i has the gum above my 2 front teeth not sealed as well and i could feel the zoom whitening gel burning. it wasn't enough discomfort to say anything.

overall- i am very pleased with the results and would do it again

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