Blue Light (IPL Laser) Treatment with Gel on Stubborn Acne - Pennsylvania, PA

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I had this treatment performed years ago in...

I had this treatment performed years ago in Pennsylvania by an excellent dermatologist. I believe I went to 12 or maybe 20 sessions. I was 20 years old at the time and it was not covered by insurance. My parents generously paid the hefty bill for this treatment. At time, I believe it was nearly the price of a used car - something in the range of $10,000 or so. I had only my face treated, although at the time, I experienced breakout all over my back, chest, and arms as well. I had moderate to severe acne that has remained resistant to all treatments.

It achieved only the tiniest benefit, perhaps for a few months afterward pimples on my face were smaller or less irritated.

The problem with using the IPL laser on active acne is that it only treats the after effect of acne, so to speak. The IPL, blue light, laser kills P. acnes bacteria that cause redness and swelling around the blocked sebum glands. If you have a tendency to produce excess sebum and experience blocked sebum glands (acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc) they still continue. It doesn't get to the hormonal root of the problem, or the genetic defect that your skin reacts to these hormones. It provided maybe 3 months of benefit. I really cannot recommend this treatment. It's essentially an antibacterial face gel. You could much more affordable try a sulpher product, or Aczone gel, something else to kill the bacteria.

Best of luck folks.
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