41 Year Old, Mom of Two, with Diastasis Recti, Hernia, and Extra Skin! - Pennsylvania, PA

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I'm a rather petite (5' 2", 115 pounds), bit older...

I'm a rather petite (5' 2", 115 pounds), bit older mom (had my kids at 37 and 39). Post pregnancy, I was left with a significant diastasis recti and a hernia. I experienced bad bloating, associated belly pain, and back pain. While I lost all the baby weight, I still have (had?) extra skin and I protruded like I was 3 months pregnant. With my hubby's emotional and physical support, I decided to go for it and get it fixed! I'm only one day post-op, so I will update as I go along my healing journey. Although I rated the procedure "not sure," I'm confident it will change to "worth it" once I heal more.

One week post-op

One week and two days post op and feeling physically very good! Soreness and I get tight if I sit too long, but then also I get sore if I move around too much. But really not as bad as I expected! Mentally, it is a little rough ...

Rationally, I know I can't judge results until much further down the line. At my one-week appointment with the PS, he was so excited to see how well I was doing. He is pumped to see my final results. (this guy has the best bedside manners.)

Irrationally, I think I look horrible. The scar is high, I don't see much improvement from where I started, and I worry if i will ever look "good." Did I have unrealistic expectations? Add that to going from working out five days a week to zero, and I'm a mess! I can feel my butt getting bigger. Haha!

Again, rationally speaking, I really am excited to see what the final results will be, although I am impatient. And I really am enjoying the time off from work and hanging with my kids and husband! ????

Reading and seeing other women's success stories certainly helps, so thank you Community!
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