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In six more days, I will be having a breast...

In six more days, I will be having a breast reduction. I'm TOTALLY NERVOUS at this point. I've been waiting about 2 months since I knew my insurance approved the surgery. I'm a 44DDD and in addition to the usual issues with large breasts, I also have fibrocystic breast disease, which is the main reason I decided to have this surgery. I have read pretty much everything I could find on BR, but can't find alot about people who have FBD and had the surgery. I'm hoping that the surgeon will be able to remove much of the cysts during the surgery, but she believes that simply having smaller breasts will make quite a difference. I'm at the point now where I just want it to be over already. I have anxiety and it's becoming difficult to concentrate on anything other than the surgery.
Dr. Nirutisai Graff, M.D.

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