Explant 450cc

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Hi guys, I am two weeks away from getting Explant...

Hi guys, I am two weeks away from getting Explant of my 450cc implants. I feel like they just don't serve me anymore and I want my natural small breasts back... I remember when I first woke up from getting my implants I had a panic attack... So heavy and uncomfortable... I regret it that day but dr used to give it a chance... Well it's bin almost 9 yrs and I think it's time.
It's around that time where I should be concerned about rupture and replacement anyway but I decided that I don't want those worries on my mind. I am not gonna subject myself to possible complications in the future well as surgeries... I have had strange symptoms over the yrs and I feel like there is a connection to these implants.. I read that lots of woman have same symptoms which are
Blurry vision
Panic attacks
Major joint pain
Dry flaky skin (I had oily skin prior to implants)
Sinus problems (which I never had any allergies before)
Heart palpitations
And some other minor ones
If you notice in the pics that I have this rash around just the implants area.
Well anyway I'm excited to get them out and will keep you posted on the outcome:)

Stretch mark oil

Planning to use this oil after Explant... About a month later or when surgeon says okay

Two days to go... Nervous

I'm planning on taking these few days after surgery to speed up healing process.

Explant day :)

It was very easy operation.... Woke up with zero pain.... Just the bandages are on pretty tight..... Glad it's over !!! I'm walking around like normal... But gonna lay down and watch tv for the rest of night :)

Update day 4..... Feeling good !!

I'm defiantly happy so far... But hoping for them to fill in a little bit more....I'm smaller than my original size... I was 34b but now looks like 34a... One good thing is that they are same size now ... My tight one was always half cup size bigger. ????????????????.

Explant day 5

Going to the doctor for follow up... Just wondering when will I be able to start to wear normal bras.
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