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I finally made the consultation with Dr. Ramiro...

I finally made the consultation with Dr. Ramiro Morales in the beginning of April and 2 weeks later I was approved by my insurance!!! My pre-op appointment is on May 19th and my surgery is scheduled for June 12!! My insurance plan has an $800 deductible and I'm responsible for 20% so my total out of pocket cost is $1832. Luckily the hospital that is doing my procedure accepts payment plans and the staff was very happy to work with me for a plan that I am able to afford. I am currently a 36DD, 5 feet tall and weigh 120 pounds and I am hoping for a full B or small C for my petite frame.

2 weeks until pre op!! Things I should start buying?

I can't believe my pre op appointment is in 2 weeks! I'm so excited and nervous. I just want everything to be over already but I know the time will go by quick. For anyone that has done this procedure already what are some things that I should start buying to help my recovery go smoothly? I got a free sample of Bio-Oil any opinions on this product? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!! :)

10 days till pre op !

These are some pictures of me currently. This ugly beige bra is the one that is the most comfortable to wear. Has no padding at all and cost me about $50. For me to find the most comfortable bras I have to go into a store for plus size women and the smallest bra they sell is a D cup and the cheapest bra is probably $45. I remember the first time I walked in there, the sales associates looked at me as if I was crazy. The one that helped me that day didn't seem to take me serious at first when I told her I was in need of a good bra until she measured me. Most of the time I wear baggy shirts and hoodies to make my chest look smaller than what it is. She was very surprised that I wear a 36 DD almost 34 DDD and she helped me pick out this bra. I can't wait to start wearing the cute little colorful bras and bralettes that most girls my age wear! :( I have 10 more days till my pre op appointment and about a month till my surgery! :)


Okay so I finally built up some courage to take pictures without a bra. I really cannot stand looking at them so this was really hard for me. But this website has helped me so much on my decision I want to be able to help any other ladies that are thinking of getting a breast reduction as well. I went to Walmart today and of course... I went into the bra section fantasizing about my new size and all the pretty bras I'll be able to wear. & I think for my frame a 34C will be perfect for me. Hopefully the doctor agrees with me when I tell him during my pre op appointment. Any ladies that have any advice on what to expect or ask during the appointment pleaseeeee let me know. I will GREATLY appreciate anything. Also anything that I should buy to be prepared for recovery? Or any medications I should ask for to take before the surgery? I know I'm going to be extremely nervous and anxious the night before the surgery and I won't be able to sleep. My surgery is scheduled for 6am >_< anyways message or comment anything even if you have any questions for me I'll be happy to help! :)

3 weeks till surgery!

So I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. It was very quick since he already had my pictures on file. I received a packet with instructions on what to start doing 2 weeks before surgery which is basically not take any aspirin or smoke/drink. I can continue taking my birth control and got my prescriptions for the surgery day. My mom bought me a cotton sports bra with hooks in the front to have an extra bra to wear besides the one the hospital will give me. And guess what?? It's a size SMALL!!! The bra is so tiny and cute. I tried it on just because and the hooks kept popping open because my boobs are so big. I'm dying for the surgery day to get here already so I can finally get rid of these huge things on my chest!


The bra my mom bought me for after surgery :)

One more week!!

My surgery is next Friday!! Time has gone by so fast I thought it would go by so much slower. So many emotions I'm feeling. Scared, nervous, excited, anxious. I've even thought to myself if I'm going to regret it? What if they're too big? Too small? How will they look on me? But I know I'm just over thinking everything and I've wanted this for such a long time I know I'm making the right decision. Doctors office told me I will not be having any drains unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary. They will be taking almost a pound from each one of my breasts! I think I have everything ready. So far I have my prescriptions he sent for the recovery time, I bought a bottle of Hibiclens which is a soap used to prep for surgery, I bought 2 compression bras to have some extra beside the one they will give me. Last thing I need to do is wash my bedsheets and do laundry so I won't have to worry about it while I'm recovering and buy some extra pillows :) any suggestions on what else I should get? Or advice? Or questions let me know! Happy healing to anyone who's recovering and good luck to everyone that's about to have the surgery done!

2 more sleeps!!!

Omg!!!! My surgery is literally a day and a few hours away! I've planned a bunch of things to do tomorrow for the time to pass and to keep my mind off of it so I won't go into panic mode lol. I got a call from the hospital earlier today and answered some questions for them. I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 7:30 am to do some blood work. From there I have work till 3 (which is my last day before my 10 days off woohoo!!) then going for lunch with my boyfriend, after that unfortunately I have a dermal piercing that needs to get taken out for the surgery to avoid getting "burned". :/ after that probably go see a movie, make a trip to Walmart to buy some pillows and gauze, then watch the basketball game. Hopefully by them I'm exhausted and able to fall asleep quick because i have to wake up super early like 4:30 or 5am :O I will try to put a post when I'm out of surgery or the day after. See you guys on the other side!!!!

I did it!!!

So today was the day!!!! I'm really sore right now but it's very manageable. It feels like I worked out my chest for like 10 hours at the gym. Lol I'm already getting those "zingers" on my right nipple. My left nipple is superrrr sensitive. I'm extremely happy with the results already they're so small and cute I absolutely LOVEEEE them! My surgeon did an amazing job!!! :)

So I'll start from the beginning so you guys can have an idea of how it went for me. I had to wake up at 5am this morning to do the hibiclens wash from my chin to my belly button, left it on for about three minutes then rinsed off as instructed by the nurses. They also had me do the hibiclens wash the night before to go to bed clean. I got to the hospital around 5:50 checked in through the emergency room then went to the 2nd floor for surgical services. About 5 or 10 minutes after registering they called me in for the pre-procedure. They let me bring in one family member at a time so my mom went in with me. I had to take off everything (underwear included...ugh) lol put on the gown and some fuzzy socks. They brought me some warm blankets and the leg compressors to improve circulation. I met with my nurse, the anesthesiologist, my surgeon and the operating room nurse. The nurse put in my IV and gave me some Pepcid to avoid acid reflux and something to help me relax and the anesthesiologist put a patch behind my ear to avoid nausea. A little before 8am (which is when my surgery was scheduled for) my doctor came in, went over the procedure again, asked me what my goal size was, and marked me up with his sharpie and tape measure. Just looking at the markings he made on me I knew I was going to be thrilled with my new size! :) they wheeled me into the OR, put me on the table and the nurse put the oxygen mask told me to take deep breaths, she started playing with my hair and I was immediately out! Lol next thing I knew, which felt like 30 minutes later but it was actually a little over 2 hours, I woke up in recovery with my chest burning and my throat super dry. The nurse watching me gave me some pain reliever and water, but it seemed she got upset when I told her I was still in pain :/ or maybe I was just really loopy lol. Then another nurse which was wayyyy nicer than the first one helped me go to the bathroom and was making me laugh When I first got up to start walking I felt a little dizzy/nauseous from the anesthesia but luckily I didn't throw up. She called in my family to come in and see me. My mom helped me put on my clothes and next thing I knew they put me in a wheelchair to take me out to the car and go home! :) I was home by 1:30 or 2:00 I think. I didn't need my Percocet till about 4 and my mom just helped me change out my bandages before bed. Since I don't have any drains I can take a shower tomorrow! Yay !!!

I'll put up some pictures of how they look now, it hasn't been a full day yet so they're still very swollen and have markings around the nipples.

Thank you guys so much for the positive vibes and support I really hope I'm helping you all as much as the site has helped me. & I'll try to take pictures everyday for you to see the healing process! :))

2 days post op

I have my post op appointment tomorrow afternoon. The pain is really not as bad as I thought it would be. It just sucks having to sleep on my back since I like to sleep on my side and my belly. They're really swollen and hard and everything just feels tight but I think they're healing pretty good so far? I guess I'll see what the doctor says tomorrow :) has anyone put like a cold pack on them to help the swelling? Or should I just let the swelling go down on its own?

1 week post op

Hello everyone! Today makes a week since I've had my surgery :) I got my stitches taken out this morning. Doctor says everything looks everything looks good and I can start wearing any sports bra I want as long as there's no wire. And I got the okay to go back to the gym just light cardio only. My right one is healing faster than my left. My left breast is still swollen just been putting cold packs to help bring it down some. Other than that not really in any pain anymore I can pretty much do everything just carefully of course :)

Almost 3 weeks post op already !

Wow time really does fly :( this Friday makes 3 weeks already ! I don't think I've ever been so happy and comfortable with myself. Last thing I need to work on is getting this tummy flat lol. Almost all the glue has fallen except for one teeny tiny spot. So he gave me the okay to start putting bio oil on my scars. My left breast is still swollen and is a little bigger than my right one . My right one is healing wayyyy faster. It actually feels like it's beginning to drop a little. (Still very perky though ;) lol) I also still have some numbness at the bottom of my breasts but very slowly getting back feeling. I still have some soreness from time to time but it's very very minimal. I just take two aleves and its gone. I also woke up one day laying on my side ! :O but I was leaning more on one of my pillows so maybe that's why it didn't hurt. I have my one month follow up appointment next Thursday so we'll see what the doctor says :) happy healing everyone and thankyou for all the positive comments!!

Unexpected mail?

So I got 2 bills in the mail yesterday... One from a health corp and one from the hospital. Totaling about $700!!! I am freaking out because they're due in less than a month and I have already set up my payment plans with the hospital so I thought everything was already payed for by my insurance. I plan to call them today to see if this is a mistake or something because I'll be really upset if I have to pay all that money when no one warned me about it. Has anyone been in a similar situation after their surgery? Did you argue with the insurance or did you have to end up paying the bills? Please help! :(
Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Morales and his assistants were very nice and made me feel comfortable. He explained everything to me in detail and was happy to answer any of my questions. He also did surgery on one of my family members and a family friend and they are extremely happy with their results!

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