Pearl Laser Day 4

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I am a 45 year old female. I had the pearl laser...

I am a 45 year old female. I had the pearl laser 4 days ago (note: I had a late appt. so when I drove home it was dark & nobody saw my red face w/the Aquaphor).

The pain of the procedure wasn't too bad due to the numbing cream applied 45 minutes prior to the procedure. The only real sensitive area was around my upper lip - I felt a stinging sensation around that area.

Once I got home I prepared the vinegar solution (2 cups of water w/one teaspoon of white vinegar) which I have been using with clean face clothes (washed w/out detergent & fabric softener) 4-8 times daily to speed the recovery.

The "grid" pattern on my face which developed after the 2nd day is still around but not as bad. My face is feeling pretty tight but that is normal. I should start "sloughing" off my dead skin in the next day or so. I have not been outside since my procedure. I don't like using Aquaphor since it is a petroleum based product but that product was recommended (there is another product called Egyptian Magic that is like Aquaphor but w/out being petroleum based but this office did not recommend it).

Currently I cannot say whether this procedure has been worth it but I have high hopes. I did this procedure to help w/brown spots and to lessen some fine lines around my eyes.

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