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I finally decided to start treatment on my 20...

I finally decided to start treatment on my 20 year-old varicose veins. I had my initial consult at a vein treatment center in July 2016 followed up by a deep vein ultrasound a month later. After getting prescribed compression stockings and going through a one month trial with those, I was approved for vein treatment.

On 10/14/2016, I arrived at the office and took my prescribed lorazepam and antibiotic. After doing another really quick ultrasound, they marked my left leg and I walked into the procedure room. To say I was nervous about the ordeal was an understatement and I, along with my iPhone and ear buds, stayed hidden under the full body drape for the entire 1.5 hrs.

I was treated to EVLT in two areas of my upper thigh, had injections in my lower leg for spider veins and then had a dreaded phlebectomy. The worst part of all of it was the darn lidocaine shots! Sheesh! Overall, I am not going to say it was the most fun I've had because of course you can still feel "pressure," but it was virtually pain free and I left the office with a 2 out of 10 pain score.

Regarding pain, that's about where it has stayed since (between a 1 and 2). I took ibuprofen a couple of nights to help alleviate some soreness and that was it.

My follow-up with the vascular radiologist is 7 day post or 10/21. Until then, I am wearing a series of dressings covered by a one-legged compression hose (chap-style) 24/7. On Friday, they should remove the dressings, steri strips and reduce my stocking time to only 8 hours a day (for sleeping only) which means I'll be able to take a full shower!

I will post pictures of where I am now shortly.

Day 5 Picture

Treated leg is still under wraps on Day 5. My upper, inner thigh is sore but this is pretty consistent with where I've been feeling mild discomfort.
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